Leverage Season Finale Review: Send In The Backups

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The season four finale of Leverage, "The Last Dam Job," really made me want more of the team, especially to see them with their “backups." Thankfully, we'll get at least part of that when the show returns this summer for season five.

While it's not new that Nate and his squad brought down a bad guy (in this case it was Latimer and Victor), what made this episode unique from other takedowns was the interaction of the team members with their counterparts. I loved it!

Nate Confronts Victor

Watching Quinn (Clayne Crawford) and Chaos (Wil Wheaton) attempting to work together with Quinn wanting to hurt Chaos - while the latter spoke down to Quinn as he explained the way they were going to break into the computer - was refreshingly funny and brought back memories of season one. 

The sudden appearance of Maggie Collins (Kari Matchett), Nate’s ex-wife, was also welcome. Actually, I want to give kudos to TNT for not showing her in the preview and giving us all a nice surprise when she sat down next to Latimer. Did any else catch her reference to Jim Sterling and her attraction to him? I wonder about the chances that Sterling and Maggie have seen each other again.

By far, it was Richard Chamberlain who stole the show as Archie Leach. I laughed so hard when he tazzered Chaos that I had to pause the show for a minute to wipe my eyes. Then, when he and Parker had the heart-to-heart about how he approved of Hardison, and she cared, it was really sweet. 

Speaking of touching and sweet, how awesome was Eliot in his protectiveness of Nate?!? Between him trying to talk Nate out of killing Victor/Latimer to him nearly killing Victor himself, he showed how strongly he cares for Nate.

Many may think that the conclusion with Latimer was a bit rushed; to me it felt like it matched about how often we met him, so I didn’t mind at all. Honestly, I’m glad it’s done and I'm looking forward to this summer to see what Nate and the team gets into.  

I do have some questions as we go into season five:

  • When Nate says he has to make some changes, does that mean he is climbing out of the bottle?
  • Why can’t they keep the cave? I like the idea of an “Eliot Signal."
  • Besides, don’t we still have some other bad guys out there wanting a piece of Nate?


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This show was fracking great!!!! I so loved Sir Richard Chamberlain and I agree he did steal the show. The tasering of Chaos was damn hysterical and much deserved. I loved it though when Hardison went to get Chaos and Chaos tormented him and he had his bag all packed and ready to go! The referene to my beloved Battlestar Galactica and having Parker be Starbuck was great!!! Nice nod to Wheaton's Star Trek days by having Sophie be Troi (sp) was also a treat. Eliot was awesome and they need to trademark "Damn it Hardison." Quinn was pretty hot too. Overall jolly good show mates!!


I really enjoyed the episode last night. It was a perfect combination of all of the reasons why I love "Leverage" so much. We were treated to humor, touching moments and, of course, the creative taking down of the bad guys. The only question I had was this: How in the heck did Victor get the info about their jobs in order to relay it to Lattimer? I mean, the guy was in prison for heaven's sake. And obviously, no one from the team clued him in. So how'd he know so much? That didn't lessen my enjoyment of the episode, though. I'm just curious about it now. Also, while I always enjoy all of the elements of the show, I think I enjoyed the humor the most last night: "This must be how Eliot feels all the time... I just want to hit something!" Oh, Hardison. And, of course, any scene Eliot and Hardison are in together always becomes a classic. That said, Leverage finales are always bittersweet – great episodes, but now we have to wait months for a new one. Can't wait till summer!


This show is my personal favorite by far!! Loved how some of the old nemeses were brought back to help, plus Nate's ex-wife. She is one classy lady, as she is on "Covert Affairs" and her friendship with Sophie (real name, please?) is a hoot. Then Richard Chamberlain acknowledging Parker as his daughter... How great is that?? I'm looking forward to the DVD set for this season and next summer for the new one. As for Timothy Hutton, one of the greatest actors of our time, who gives his colleagues so many chances to shine in their roles, proving just what a fine person he truly is. Go Leverage!


This was a great show in what has been a great season. While I do think they have been avoiding the Parker/Hardison relationship for the second half of the season, there were one or two moments in this show that basically state that (at the very least) Parker, considers Hardison her boyfriend/love interest. It was kind of obvious from the way she was trying get the approval of both Archie and Hardison. I loved this show because there was a lot of emotional closure for several of the cast especially Nate, Sophie, and Parker! One question: Is it just me or did Parker just look like she was in heaven being able to show off her two favorite fellows?


I love this show! The characters individually are awesome and work so great as a team! Eliot is great ... Loved him on Angel! It
Was such a pleasure to find him on this show too! Loved Nate's ex wife ... Love her in Covert Affairs too! That is one sexy woman!


I really liked the episode, but the fact that Victor was being fed info on their jobs, made me suspect one of the team was a traitor. Looking forward to the next season, especially now that I have gotten my husband into, he likes the comic lines thrown in. Unfortunately I just started watching on Comcast so I don't know how they all got together.


I agree... But his name is Wil Wheaton.

Childish gambino

I thought this episode was great. i think they did a good job of balancing everything. Except maybe the conclusion, i thought it felt a little rushed. And i didnt particularly like the whole cliff-side scene. Thought it felt a little cheesy. But overall I still loved the episode
I also liked Eliot's scene with Nate. Eliot scenes where he opens and he really voices his opinions/perspectives are easily my favorite scenes in the series. B/c the big difference btwn Eliot and the rest of them is that he actually has hurt people. And to go from that to helping ppl is a big shift, something they referenced a couple times but i would love to see them go into more detail and give him more screen time(rather than another hardison/hardison-parker storyline). The internal and external conflicts of his past life/experiences and current life make him one of the more complex and interesting characters.
All in all thought the past 2 episodes have been great end to a somewhat lackluster season


It occurred to me that Nate brought down Victor (and Latimer) in much the same way that he did the first time - by bringing in an unknown quantity that Victor couldn't anticipate. In "The Nigerian Job," it was Sophie. Of course, this is a much more final end for Victor than going to prison. I was really touched by Eliot's quiet conversation with Nate about killing a person. It only reinforces Eliot's place as my favorite character on this show.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Chaos: I want my usual fee, plus expenses and Parker dresses up as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica
Hardison: Not happening.

Nate: Do you remember when I said to you, that the next time we met I wouldn't be so nice?
Victor: Yeah.
Nate: Well, welcome to the next time.