Lost Girl Review: Sexy Wolf Man

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Lost Girl sure knows how to sex up the beginning of an episode!

"Oh, Kappa, My Kappa" picked up the morning after Dyson "healed" Bo. She woke up with her injury all gone and Dyson still in her bed - very hot! And, to heat things up even more, she requested more medical assistance in the morning. Is this a relationship in the making? Kenzi sure thought so, as she told Bo that it means something if a guy stays the night.

Unbeknown to Bo, Kenzi started promoting an investigation company for them to earn money. Bo was initially hesitant of the idea, but agreed to meet their first potential client. Of course, their first case involved a Fae. That was a little too convenient for me, but I decided to just go with it.

Undercover at College

It was worth it to see Kenzi pretend to be a sorority sister and... well... Bo in a tight black t-shirt with SECURITY written across it. Really? They couldn't have given her a real uniform? Kenzi's pink, conservative sorority outfit with long blond hair made up for Bo's outfit, though.

The college had gotten away with writing off missing students for years, but not with Bo on the case. I was sure the dean was involved and was surprised to find out she, like Bo, was investigating the disappearances. Unfortunately, she was killed before she was able to find out or reveal the truth. It was the security guard, Wayne. He was taking students and feeding them to the Japanese Fae in the caves. Then, he would drink from the Fae's cave pond to keep from aging. What a crazy and selfish guy!

The best thing that came out of this case was that we find out more about Dyson. Kenzi called him when Bo went missing and he came to the rescue. This meant that he changed into... his wolf form! A wolf! I would say I was as shocked as Kenzi, but as soon as the shirt came off, I figured he would change into some type of animal.

I'm a little disappointed that Dyson's Fae being is a wolf. It's an overdone creature, but I'll wait and see how it plays out. I hope we don't see him changing too often and that he stays in his hot, human form most of the time. Were you surprised? Happy with this reveal?

My biggest disappointment came not from Dyson's decision to stop the romance with Bo, but with how he did it. Dyson purposely had Bo catch him kissing another woman. What a coward! He has feelings for her, but let Trick talk him into ending the relationship before it even got started. How awesome was it that Bo called Dyson out on his excuse? Loved it!

Trick's reasons didn't make sense, either. If he and Dyson know more about Bo than they are telling her, she's going to be upset no matter what. If they are in a relationship, then maybe she will understand why he wanted to build up trust before letting her in. Or, maybe not.

Either way, something will happen that will force them to tell her. I'm glad to know that someone actually knows more about her and hope the secret comes out soon. Bo's not going to give up on Dyson that easily. Even if she doesn't push a romance with him, she's going to pursue the truth behind his pushing her away.

What was the biggest surprise of the episode? Dyson being a wolf? Trick and Dyson knowing more about Bo? Or, something else? Share away in the comments!


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Story should have been tighter. It was original enough. Why do people like characters purely based on physical attractiveness? Just look at pictures of pretty people then.


I can't believe you were shocked he was a wolf. I figure that one from the growling when he got mad.


I love the show, up till I watched Bo turns into selfish arrogant witch! That in episode where she relentlessly chase info about her mother, dead vampire, powerful mesmer. Ignoring hundred years old truce between light and dark for just personal indulgence is selfish. And Lauren and Dyson together is just waiting to happen for a really big twist.


I love Dyson at first because he is so HOT and sexy - as soon as Lauren came on the screen that changes everything. LOL! I thought Dyson/Bo relationship is a big cliché that you often see in most of the TV series. I feel in love with the chemistry of these women BO/Lauren that you don't see it on TV, plus the friendship between Kenzi and BO. Its all about three dimensional female characters that I think attracts million of viewers from all over the world. The actors are great and they really really did a good job. What makes it more interesting is its unique and about a complex love triangle between a man/fae and woman/human. :)


I think that Kris Holden-Reid is such a hunk. When he was "healing" Bo I thought about me in her place (it is only TV) and it made me smile. They did a great job casting him as a werewolf, it really suits him.


Some of us go gaga over Dyson because Kris Holden-Ried is hot :)


Dyson is still my favorite character but Mika's right in her (his?) assessment: Kenzi and Lauren are the most popular characters - by miles. Sure, that doesn't and won't stop people from loving Dyson or rooting for Bo/Dyson but it's still interesting to notice that most of the American audience is all about them at the moment (as it once was in Canada) when it hasn't been the case elsewhere since late season 1. I find it refreshing, even :) Loving the reviews so far!


i hate lauren ...and ive seen up to the mid-season 2 stuff... i still like bo/dyson combo


It's funny watching the American audience going all gaga over Dyson and Bo/Dyson considering how he's far from being a fan favorite in other countries that are currently watching mid-season 2. Without giving much away, you simply can't beat Kenzi and Lauren's popularity on this show. I mean, they promoted Zoie Palmer a series regular due to the massive fan response. It's going to be interesting seeing how people's tunes will change as the season progresses.

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