Merrit Weaver Cast as a Sibling on The Good Wife

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Merrit Weaver is headed to The Good Wife.

The adorable Nurse Jackie star will appear on an upcoming episode as Will's younger sister Audra, TV Line reports, stopping by to irritate her brother about his personal life. Or lackthere of.

Producer Robert kKing describes the character as "irresponsible" and "rebellious." She'll be accompanied by a not-yet-cast older sibling.

Jason Biggs, meanwhile, guest stars on the terrific drama this Sunday. Watch the official CBS promo for his appearance above.


hum, you might need to skip the credit card info and try using adrseds in US including also the phone number. they don't need to be consistent. =)only . i have the apps installed already :OJason


I wholeheartedly concur! Alicia and Will don't even look at each other in the past few episodes. This doesn't ring true for me...


To Guategal: I totally echo your sentiments. I love A/W. The creators should not just shut off intense feelings and emotions


Where's Will? I have little to say until the writers focus more attention on his character role. At last Alicia's character role was more expansive in this episode. Realism in characters' writing has become less sharp for me. My emotional adherence to the GW has wavered since the A/W core subsided. Can't believe the intelligent, compassionate Good Wife would turn focus again toward Peter character for any other reason than positive kids' parenting..........So I'm just waiting ....and sadly, loosing some interest in story developments. Intense feelings and bonding aren't shut off like a water faucet.

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