Michelle Trachtenberg to Stick Around Gossip Girl?

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Gossip Girl's recurring crazy girl will be making more than a one-off appearance this spring, according to reports. Look for Michelle Trachtenberg's Georgina Sparks to stick around awhile!

With much of the attention focused on the 100th episode January 30, and specifically whether Chuck and/or Dan will thwart Blair and Louis' impending nuptials, Evil G has been overlooked.

Not only does Georgina turn up and play a pivotal part in "G.G." (see photo, and use your imagination below), but she'll be sticking around beyond that, the show's executive producer says.

Bad Altar Girl

“The Valentine’s Day episode is very fun,” says Joshua Safran, teasing a lighter stretch ahead.

“Georgina Sparks - you can’t get more fun than that. She’s here for a long stretch and whenever she’s around it’s super fun. And then episode 16 also has a very, very, very fun event at its core."

"We’re trying to alleviate the tension and drama [in episode 100] with more fun [episodes].”

Monday's episode, "Father and the Bride," is the 12th installment of Season 5. The wedding takes place in Episode 13. How do you think Georgina will shake things up then, and potentially beyond?

Share your thoughts and predictions below!

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yeahhhh Georgina sparks is being the Big Story Major arc!
hope she will stay longer until the finale of season 5!!!!
this time!!! please.....
we love Georgina sparks!


I got married in church and it is completely valid with a marriage licence. I did not have to have a civil ceremony prior. And I live in Europe. Now if the priest had been a fake then it would have been a problem.


That's not possible or the writers are totally ignoring the laws in Europe.
Blair and Louis are already married when they are in church.
A religious wedding has no value in Europe, it's even illegal before the civil wedding.


I heard somewhere that something happens to the priest that is supposed to marry Blair and Louis so Georgina hires an actor to play a priest(although no one knows that). And the wedding really does happen, but they aren't legally married which will come out later, and then her and Chuck can be together after all!!!!


Ok is it just me or is anyone else out there REALLY missing The Chuck and Blair moments? Gosh I'm missing them and that fire!!!! Since there is no new post I had to post it here.


I have a feeling Georgina and Louis had something going on and he might be the father of her baby. The father of G's baby was never revealed and I think that's why G's coming back.


I love that Georgina is returning! Since she's dressed as an altar girl, I wonder if she's somehow in a scheme involving that "priest" that was making out with Louis' sister earlier in the season? I'm thinking he's a fake because priests can't have girlfriends, right? And I wonder if the priest letting Blair use the church isn't in on it too. It seems fishy that he'd just give her the keys to the church. Maybe the two priests are in cahoots with Louis to keep Louis and Blair together? And Georgina exposes them? I'm just guessing. It's got to be something twisted -it's Georgina!


i really miss the old gossip girl, where it was all about scheming and exiling, gossip girl was amazing because it represented something that all teenagers would literally wish for... i love chair but the darkness and sadness is kinda getting boring!!


@Dr Holland agreed! Also for a Teen-Drama why dont they have any teens in it! Jenny and Eric brought youthful fun to the show :( too bad taylors too busy being a rebel and connor wanted to do a different show.


Does she bring Milo? and is her husband coming to?

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