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Georgina >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ivy
It was a big mistake on the producers' part to even bring back Ivy in the first place. Hopefully Georgina can take on damage control because this season has been one big mess.


THANK GOD! Something to spice things up. How cool would it be if G was gossip girl?!


I just have one question, when these guys are gonna go back to school? they forgot about it completely! haha it was funny when all them where at school...just wondering...


Georgina can't come fast enough! This season has been so boring with Chuck being good and Chair going back and forth and talking and talking about the wedding. I NEED SCHEMES AND DRAMA. Georgina is missed.


Frankly Georgina as the crazy girl is far more interesting and has better chemistry and greater weight as a character than the silly mess o'Charlie/Ivy that they have going on with Kaylee Defer (though I like her chemistry with Nate!). Georgina would be fun and would bring the delicious NJBC crowd back together. Go Georgy girl!


This is the best news ever! but yes, I agree with @Dexter Idolizer Georgina Needs to be a regular character!!!


Stick around? She should be a series regular! This girl brings in viewers in my opinion. I've been waiting for her and Chivy to be together. The season four finale has misconstrued us fans to believing they'd reck havoc and that havoc is yet to come! I want Georgina-Chivy scenes!


@ Yeah Dr. Hollis

You Go!!!!!


Yay, Georgina! Michelle Tratchenberg is awesome. I'm wondering if her storyline interacts with Jack's. We know she's got some shenanigans going on around the wedding.

Also, this Chair fan wonders why, on a spoiler that is NOT specifically about Dair, Chair, Nair, Hair, or any other -air, why SOME people want to make everything about their ship. Fine, you think Chair has been forced down your throats? Many others find Dair contrived, forced, or even ridiculous. What does ANY of that have to do with Georgie, or this spoiler?

For once, can we PLEASE talk about something other than who Blair is dating/in love with/sleeping with/fancying instead of fighting over it? Sheesh.


Got to agree with @Anonymous Chuck/Blair have been forced down our throats for the last couple of years. I love some Chuck and Blair action but does it really hurt that producers and writers are coming up with other story lines that involve different characters interacting.

You are the kinda Chair fan that I cant stand. They say they wont watch the show just because Chair is not the focus of the show. Or that Dan and Blair are being "forced down your throat". If they were really forcing them down your throat, they would be hooking up by now. Instead the producers and writers are building a friendship (yes, dan wishes it were more) that has been great to watch, with there bantering. And if it goes anywhere in the future I can tell you that I strongly believe that Chair will be endgame. But is there really any harm for Dair to happen for a little while... I THINK NOT!

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