Modern Family to Tackle Lost Virginity on Upcoming Episode

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If certain watch groups had a problem with Lily dropping the F bomb, we can't wait to see how they reach to the following Modern Family scoop:

On an upcoming episode of the award-winning sitcom, Phil will learn that Haley is NOT a virgin.

Mother/Daughter in Bed

The protective father will be "horrified" by the news, Ty Burrell tells TV Guide, and salt will be added to the awkward wound when he discovers Claire was already privy to this private information.

No air date has been announced for the episode, but Burrell assures fans the outcome will be "very heartfelt and meaningful."


I agree and I can't wait for Phils response. We'll hopefully get to see his protective dad side too :D


I'm hoping the same as everyone else who's commented. People shouldn't make a big deal about something like this. I think it would actually be less believable if Haley were still a virgin. The good thing about Modern Family is how they're able to discuss a few touchy subjects here and there but still make it light and humorous.


Next up, Luke realises he's gay and starts dating a 18-year-old boy!
Naaaah, just kidding, that's for next season. In al seriousness though, people shouldn't have a problem with Haley not being a virgin. It's realistic for a pretty girl her age to have had sex. Come on people, they're not turning MF into Shameless or anything.....yet!


I hope that people do not get in a snit about this episode like they did the one with Lily and the Fbomb...these things happen in real life and I like to see that way more than the stupid antics on the Office, which has become not funny this season

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