NCIS: Los Angeles Review: A New Boss in the Boat House

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Director Vance must be crazy to have thought that sending Assistant Director Granger to the boat house was a good idea. What was he thinking? Seriously!

Just a few months ago, Hetty took off and Lauren Hunter was brought in to oversee the NCIS crew - and that didn't go well. Even if Vance didn't send Granger, he would have to know about it since he is the director. Unless... it's a rogue operation of some sort. But assuming Vance sent Granger and briefed him on Hetty's team, why in the world would Granger use Hetty to bait the unit? That was a disaster from the beginning; he intentionally sabotaged the relationship before even meeting them.

Callen, Sam

This season has been by far the best. The team dynamic has been amazing. The show has hit its stride, so I'm going to trust the writers... for now. The incredibly annoying Granger has to be around for a reason and hopefully it will be a fun ride.

The addition of Granger wasn't all bad. The back and forth between Grhimanger and Eric was hilarious. Not awesome NCIS: LA banter level, that would be sacrilegious. With Nell out in the field, it was enjoyable to see Eric have to interact with someone new that didn't really get him.

The team was working several cases before Granger showed up and dropped them to work the suspected murder of Brent Bolton. This is what gets interesting. In the end, Brent and his wife, Mia, were both working for a research company. She unwittingly befriended a spy, who was working with the coffee vendor and chess player from the park across from her office. They were also stealing information from the shred bins at her office. But why?

Unfortunately, we don't know the answer to that, because Granger pulled the suspect out of the interrogation room before the team could uncover the full story. That was frustrating, but at least we supposedly found out who killed Bolton.

It was unclear as to whether this case is something that will be ongoing and come up again or if it was permanently transferred to another governmental agency. I'd love to see this case come back around again to provide a better picture of what Granger is doing.

Overall, this was an intriguing episode and a departure from the normal flow of the show. I despise Granger, but after reflecting on the episode I want to see more and find out what's going on. Sometimes it is necessary to bring in characters we hate to shake things up.

Kensi and Deeks Pic

Odds and Ends for "The Watchers"

  • Initially, I thought Kensi had a Deeks-look-alike boyfriend, but it was much better that it ended up being part of a case they were working.
  • Why does Granger care about Kensi's recent trips to Hawaii? If you don't watch Hawaii 5-0, this reference won't mean nearly as much. But, on at least one of her trips she met with Steve and Joe to lip read a conversation between Steve's father and a Hawaiian crime lord.
  • Callen's aversion to authority was a tad annoying. Does he ever just accept what he is told to do? He is in a military organization. How did he get to where he is if he only trusts Hetty and his team?
  • Eric and Nell are adorable together. He gets jealous so easily. I'd love for the writers to finally let it out that the two of them have been secretly dating for months. The hints are there, but perhaps they are just flirting co-workers.
  • Granger saying that Eric reminded him of "one of the Twilight kids" cracked me up!
  • Callen and Sam scouting the park for potential spies was one of my favorite scenes ever on the show. It showed how their minds work and how they identify threats. The coffee man, the chess player, even the soccer mom (who ended up being "just a soccer mom").
  • Deeks undercover was a blast to watch. I've mentioned this before, but I enjoy that the writers bring in current events to add authenticity to the show. "Hey, I'm the 99%."
  • I'm not sure what kind of training Hetty was doing, but all I kept thinking was -- Hetty as Yoda doing Jedi training.
  • Granger isn't going anywhere and that's OK for now. But, Hetty better come out the winner because Granger is an ass and must go down!


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So with the show on hiatus for the summer, CBS is air re-runs of Season 3 and this ep replayed on Tues 19 June. I thought MAYBE I didn't give Granger a fair shake (even though his future appearances resulted in gigantic messes) so I tried...I REALLY tried, but don't like him.... don't like him A LOT!!!!!!


I so hope they are not replacing Hetty, but I fear with this new "boss" for the second time this season, it is a foregone conclusion. Too bad. She was the heart and soul of this show. And I agree with JoeB... the whole evil new boss dynamic is old and lame. I doubt I will continue watching if Linda Hunt leaves and the story line that is unfolding continues.


@ JoeB08 Then what do you call what NCIS is doing with Tony and Ziva


I am so tired of the "new boss who doesn't think much of the operation" storyline. It is guaranteed to show up in every series when the writers can't come up with new material. I envision the writers sitting around with their feet up, unable to come up with a new script and someone says "hey. . .lets bring in a new boss and make the team prove itself to him/her. That should be good for at least a half-season of new shows!" Its happened more than once on the Mentalist and also on Criminal Minds, NCIS#1, Bones, Hawaii Five-0, Castle and on and on and on. If the "writers" are that unimaginative. . .then get new writers.


Robin and Kensi are the reason I most likely keep watching


I watch both shows and love them both. I don't think a hook up between McG and Kensi is a good idea since they are on different shows, but another crossover either way, I would welcome. If you watch H50 then you know that the Shelburne character will be revealed on the 1-16-12 episode of H50. I now wonder if its Kensi's father, or that he has some sort of connection with the McGarrett family and that whole Wo-fat/Shelburne thing. I personally hope so.


Speaking of Twin Peaks... the line about "damn good' coffee seemed to be a reference to Agent Cooper's "damn good pie" and parts of Ferrar's reverie on interrogation sounded kind of familiar.


I prefer Steve McGarrett and Kono in H5-0. Never Steve and Kensi. I love Callen and Sam, my favorite characters I would like to see both in H5-0.


I don't see the point in the show what make it so different from NCIS beside the characters


I hope the writers are not putting Granger just to "spice" it up. the confrontational atmosphere was not any better in NCIS #1 then it is in NCIS LA. I liked Holly...... Are the writers running out of ideas so they go sideways like NCIS #1?. Easy get new writers with imagination .

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