New Girl Review: Party Bus!

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It’s Jess! And the guys! They’re back! I’m pretty excited about it if you couldn’t already tell. "The Story of the 50" was the first offering of New Girl in 2012, but perhaps more importantly, it featured the triumphant return of the douchebag jar.

This week’s episode opens with a mystery. The gang is lounging around the loft, discussing Schmidt’s latest contribution to the douchebag jar. In case you’re not familiar, here’s a brief history of said jar: It was first introduced in the pilot and people (mostly Schmidt) have to cough up some cash when they do something that is considered over the line or too bro-ish.

Lizzy Caplan on New Girl

Anyway, Schmidt has recently made his largest donation, fifty bucks, but we don't know for what yet. Surprised that Schmidt has only forked over fifty dollars considering the number of ridiculous things he says and does? Me too. Right on cue, New Girl reminded us of some of those things in a montage of Schmidt’s douchebag jar worthy sayings. I thought it was one of the funniest bits the show has done. I could fill the whole New Girl quotes page with them, but to be fair to the rest of the episode, I didn’t. One or two did make it in though. My personal favorite?
Damn it! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere! | permalink

It was nice to see Jess take charge tonight and actually do something for one of the guys that didn’t completely embarrass them. Schmidt’s party bus was perfectly tailored to him with the kosher yogurt (ko-yo), pick-your-own-condom station and stripper pole. Sure, Jess’ attempt at getting a stripper didn’t work out so well, but it gave Schmidt the chance to discuss his career options with the male dancer (Matt Besser). Schmidt wisely concluded that his stripping persona was a warrior poet. I’m taking suggestions for Schmidt’s stripper name so leave them in the comments below. Winner gets a ko-yo.

Okay, enough about Schmidt, let’s talk about Nick. Finally, after all his moping, he’s found himself a lady! Did anyone else instantly think True Blood and Mean Girls when Julia (Lizzy Caplan) appeared as Nick’s date? I think she’s great, and Julia could be really good for Nick, so I hope she’ll be sticking around. Side note: what is this bro juice that Nick invented? I’m a little scared by what the answer might be.

The only person that got lost in “The Story of the 50” was Winston. Of all the dudes, we know the least about him. Before the midseason break, he had hit it off with the son of Schmidt’s boss, and it seemed that that might lead to a high-paying babysitting gig. Let’s hope New Girl brings this back sometime soon – Winston deserves a little more character depth.

So what did you think of Schmidt’s fifty dollar douchebag jar offense? I was expecting something far worse than trying to kiss Jess.

Final thoughts

  • New Girl is becoming a magnet for awesome guest stars. I already mentioned two of the great cameos in this week's episode, but I also want to point out David Neher as Benjamin (Schmidt’s "fremesis") and Rachael Harris as the party animal Vice Principal from Jess’ school.
  • I expect a remix of “We Built This Schmidty” online by tomorrow morning. Get on it, people.
  • The writers or actors (maybe both?) on New Girl really like doing impressions. My vote still goes to Justin Long’s Jimmy Stewart, but Lizzy Caplan’s Bill Cosby was pretty funny.


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In the german synch they say Bro-Juice is vodka with pomegranate.
Try something like this:
- 5cl Wodka
- 6cl pomegranate
- 20g thin sliced Ginger


Karin Canazzi - Oh now you are just tinaesg us! Can’t wait to see more as great as these!


I'm pretty sure Jess said "vodka and rum?" when she was talking to Schmidt about the Bro Juice.


I think the bro juice is just pure vodka. When he tastes it the first time in the bus i think he says ' vodkapom '. And vodkapom is the name of a vodka. still not sure what the bro juice is...Anyone?


We Built This Schmitty - or on How i met your mother:
We built Chipcity.. haha this song is awesome for comedy.
Yeah i missed Cece aswell, not cause im a big fan, but her and Schmidt get along really good. So it was his birthday - she should have been there


Hit the nail on the head..."Damn it! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere!" was the highlight of the night.


I'm so happy hiatus is over, the episode was great, I laughed my ass off with all Schmidt douchy lines!


Awesome show!! Jess and the guys are hilarious and have a great chemestry...if they can keep the funny episodes fresh i think itll be around for a while...p.s. everyone needs to check out the show Workaholics on Com Central when it comes back on....another awesome one!!


great show!! but missed CeCe - she would've been a great addition to the party bus. the Cosby thing between Nick and his new chick was so dumb but hilarious - totally laughed out loud. and of course Schmidt was awesome the entire show.


Last night cemented my love for this show. "We Built This Schmitty" and the DB Jar gag were hysterical. I hope it just keeps getting better!

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New Girl Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Schmidt: Tonight was tens across the board. No splash. Nobody's ever done anything like that for me before.
Jess: Anytime, Schmidt. Anytime.

Benjamin [referring to Jess]: Are you hitting that?
Schmidt: What? No!
Benjamin: Then I think I'll help sex with your friend.