New Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: WWDD?

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What will Dan do?

That is the question surrounding this new clip from the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and while the answer is far from clear, this should nevertheless come as a welcome surprise to Dair Nation.

After Nate calls Chuck on the day of the wedding, Mr. Bass insists his plans for the day do not involve going anywhere near the main event ... but implies that someone else may well sabotage the ceremony.

That being Daniel Humphrey himself, who is walking side-by-side with Nate as he's on the phone. His response to that accusation is certainly not one of incredulity or denial. What's he up to?! Let the speculation begin.

We know Blair makes it to the altar and that Dan is up there with the wedding party (see earlier sneak preview clip) and that it may not end well (see photos from the February 6 episode). Beyond that ... you tell us.

Check out the clip below and comment with your theories:

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@hannah nair? lol they haven't had a scene since episode 4x14. and chuck and georgina? lol anyone who isn't a fan of chair is someone who hates chuck. let me guess you ship chuck with georgina because they are two people you hate the most on the show and u think they are alike and completely selfish people who only care about them self right?


Is it weird that my OTPs are Nair, Derena and Chuck/Georgina?


Quote from Safran yesterday-"Chuck and Blair are never over"


coming from a chair fan
fuck both chair and dair let nair happen lul


I am sorry but I just can't agree with you. Marrying Louis is not what's making Blair happy and if Dan knew Blair at all he would know that. Besides I don't think that Blair would want a marriage build upon a lie she is a hopeless romantic she clearly doesn't want that. The old Dan Humphrey would have never helped Louis. Dan has been an honest guy until now why should he go behind Blair's back? A friend would never do that. And a friend should of course be supportive and understanding but a friend should also tell you the truth. Dan should've told Blair that Louis is not the right one because he is not even able to write the vows. That's what a friend would do! But maybe this scene is misleading and Dan helps Blair to escape then I would like him for that!


nice to see some chuck with moneky.. also why is nate using speaker phone, and would chuck step aside to let Dair happen?? I just hope chuck or dan punches that monaco priest in the face!!!


I have been waiting too long for DAIR. I won't believe my eyes if she actually gets with him. I will be SO HAPPY! I am hoping for a hot and steamy DAIR relationship.


I still don't know how they are going to go from Blair loving Chuck more than anyone and wanting to spend the rest of her life wih him to ... Dair. I just dont see it making sense no matter how they end up spinning it. If it has to happen though I guess let's just get this crap over with so we can move on. Looking forward to finding out what Georgina is up to.


All hail dair. Fck, let dair happen. We're so over with broken chair. Fckin pathetic storyline.


On a side note.. if it was Chuck who wrote the vows.. god forbid how the chair fans would react. Dan is a nice guy and has been sacrificing himself.. what he should of done is tell Blair how she feels no matter what she says or thinks. But he does not scheme like a certain Bass does for love.

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