New Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: Mer in Peril

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Things are not looking good for several doctors tonight on Grey's Anatomy.

In the first set of sneak peeks from the winter premiere, airing this evening at 9 p.m. EST, we saw Cristina Yang in a state of emotional turmoil. Her best friend Meredith Grey, meanwhile, may be the one truly in harm's way.

In this longer version of an earlier sneak preview clip, we see the wreck that leaves Mer and Alex struggling to save lives, while potentially risking their own. You can feel the suspense build in the 90-second clip below:

What do you think will happen to Meredith? And to Cristina? As if things weren't awkward enough for the latter, another sneak peek (below) shows Teddy in a downright giddy mood in the operating room. Yikes.

Watch that and the Canadian promo for "Suddenly," if you missed it, here:

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Aldman is operating on the lady that had screws put in her back by toraz (the Dr with the baby with mark ) and that one inter-racial Dr and the screw came loose and went into her heart she was about to go out the doors and passed out or something then her son and boyfriend brought her back in and I can wait to watch the show tonight :-D


Mer will be fine cos the promos show her back at the hospital pushing a trolley! I'm waiting to see if Der's soppy look is cos Mer's cuddling Zola. Perhaps Hunt ducking telling Altman her hubby's dead will be the first big problem of his CoS career. I'm not sure if the woman Altman is operating on when we first see her is still the lady who had Avery botch her original op.


Video 1 - MEREDITH WILL BE FINE! Video 2 - I just really wanna punch Owen in the face. -,-

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I need another me and Cristina is the closes thing. Don't tell her I said that.


Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat. It's not just the collision that injures them, it's everything after.