Once Upon a Time Review: A Wish Gone Horribly Wrong

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If Once Upon a Time taught us anything with "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree," it was to be careful what you wish for because even your heart's desire could end in a twisted and treacherous fate.

Dangerous Desires. I was disappointed that we saw so little of David and Mary Margaret. That kiss from last week must have went well because this week they were holding secret trysts with wine and more smooching. They're having so much fun that neither one of them wanted to talk about the consequences of their actions. 

David still has a wife, after all. As much as I want these two together, no good will come of this. Especially since Regina's on to them.

A Perilous Wish. So King Leopold gave the genie his freedom only to have him turn around and kill him. I must admit, I wasn't a huge fan of King Leopold. Sure, he adored Snow and her mother but when he proclaimed his undying devotion for his first wife in front of his current spouse, that was somewhere between thoughtless and cruel. Then he read the Queen's diary and locked her away. 

Richard Schiff on Once Upon a Time

Perhaps Snow's mother was the good one because her father was fatally flawed.

The Queen looked so hurt and innocent one moment and then so evil the next, almost like two completely different people. Kudos to Lana Parrilla for making that transition appear so natural. 

The genie was so infatuated and desperate for love he never had a chance. Of course, that didn't absolve him from committing murder. The Queen manipulated him but he's the one who did the deed. It was almost hard to feel sorry for him when he was banished to live all eternity in a mirror.

Treacherous Allies. I knew Sidney's evidence against Regina seemed too easy. Poor Emma was just so eager to take down the mayor, especially after she took Henry away, that she was more than willing to buy in. 

Now Emma thinks she has an ally when she's actually colluding with the enemy. Or is she? Could Sidney be playing both sides? Either way, I don't think anyone can trust him.

The Missing Book. I loved how Henry was smart enough to be suspicious of the mysterious writer when he asked too many questions and was quick enough to turn the tables on him. Once Henry asked a few questions of his own, writer man was on his way.

So... is that Henry's copy of the book or do you think the writer has a copy of his own? Does Emma really trust Sidney and will David leave his wife or is Mary Margaret destined to be nothing more than a mistress in Storybrooke? With two weeks until the next new episode, there's plenty of time to ponder the latest twists in Once Upon a Time.


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My favorite part of this episode was that, as the genie mentioned at the episode's beginning, everybody's wishes end badly. Even the king's altruistic wishes ended badly for him. The genie should have known better.


Linda: The King used his first wish to free the Genie and used his second wish to grant the Genie his third wish. So Sidney aka the Genie only has one wish, which he said that he would never use b/c wishing always has bad consequences for the person who makes the wish. Also, I don't think we know quite yet why she hates Snow, they haven't given us that back story yet.


I thought that sidney had 3 wishes, Did he use the other one. I want to know why the queen hates snow so bad, at the first couple of episodes snow idicated she knew why the queen hated her.


it was a good episode but I agree with why Emma believed so readily...and can she still be believing Sidney?? I hope not!! she's gotta get her tough smarts back if she wants to defeat regina...and look at who her mother is, kick A** Snow!!!! :o)


Emma needs to do more research and stop assuming people are telling her the truth about Regina all the time.


I absolutely love this show. And I loved last night's episode. I totally was surprised to see the genie turn into the mirror. I was angry that Sidney is working for Regina. I loved the scene with the writer and Henry. I do not feel that this was a "filler" episode. I thought it was great. I paid attention to the whole thing, more so than on other episodes.


@candee2320, I think of your idea of Mr. Gold being Snape-like could be right on the money. He seems to have his pen agenda and at times at odds with Regina. Isn't Rumplestiltskin who the evil queen originally got the dark curse from? I am wondering since Rumple knew what needed to happen for the curse to one day be broken and knows what the name Emma may mean and why she is important. I am wondering if maybe he remembers parts of his other life.


Love this show... don't change a thing...


I kinda think the writer is the one who wrote Henry's book....maybe he knows a lot mmore than we think


I think that the writer is henrys father, it made me angry when you find out Sydney is working for the queen but I never trusted him in the first place, I can't wait for more of snow white and prince charming and I love how this show is the classic fairy tales with twists in them to keep us in edge

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