One Tree Hill Round Table: "Love the Way You Lie"

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A murderous cook, a serious drug problem, and a missing baby were the focus of this week's One Tree Hill.  We reviewed the episode in detail on Wednesday, but now it's time to get a few more perspectives.

Our panel of Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, Nick McHatton and Dan Forcella are here to discuss the above topics and more in the latest installment of TV Fanatic's One Tree Hill Round Table.  Sound off in the comments with your own answers to the questions below...


What was the funniest moment from the episode?

Miranda: Hands down, this goes to Julian quoting The Goonies to himself and acting out the different roles. It was funny in that way that is just perfectly Julian.

Brian: I think you meant to say, what was the best Chris Keller moment from the episode? The best character on the show continues to entertain. His scenes in the strip club and at the diner were great, but the funniest moment from the episode was when he discovered the advantage of having interns working for him.

Nick: As we all know I'm a big fan of Victoria zinging her ex-husband, and I loved when Brooke came back from lunch with him and Victoria inadvertently called her a bimbo.

Dan: I have to go with Mouth and the fact that he actually couldn't tell that he blew up.  The dude is a house, and he's blaming the dry cleaners for shrinking his shirts?  I literally busted out with laughter every time he complained about the shirts.

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Is there a better way to deal with loss than alcohol and strippers?

Miranda: I mean, I prefer a good cry and a glass of wine, but I am the only girl in this discussion.

Brian: If that also includes Chase's new partner in crime/enemy turned friend, Chris Keller, then no.

Nick: Not if you're Chris Keller.

Dan: Yes.  It is called Fast Food Lasagna.

How would you have handled Dan flipping burgers as a customer?  As Haley?

Miranda: As a customer, I probably wouldn't have cared because I would've been starving. (I'm also pregnant. Do not withhold food from pregnant women.) As Haley, I probably would've stuck up for him, too. If feels like it's one of those "we can hate on you but no one else can" things.

Brian: As a customer if I had recognized Dan and had a problem with it, I would have just left. I thought causing a dramatic scene over it was uncalled for. I would have handled it pretty much the same way Haley did, especially in front of Jamie. On a related note, it would not surprise me in the slightest if Dan orchestrated the chef leaving in the first place, to further establish his role back in his family's lives.

Nick: Since I usually don't know who is preparing my food when I go to a restaurant I probably wouldn't have cared because I wouldn't know. If I did know a murderer was cooking my food? Yeah, probably wouldn't have cared. I think Haley handled it well. I wouldn't have done anything different.

Dan: If Dan continued to keep the burgers juicy by only flipping them once or twice, he could cook mine to a perfect medium-well all day long.  I agree that Haley did the right thing, but she forgot one thing...the customer is always right.

Did Clay's sleepwalking story pay off in the end?

Miranda: No. Not even a little bit. A doctor who thought his sleepwalking was in his head would've prescribed sleeping pills or anti-anxiety pills. Not pain pills. And most "street pharmacists" don't sell sleeping or anti-anxiety pills, right? I'm still so completely confused by this story line.

Brian: At least there was some direction with it and I am sure it will get a little more interesting in future episodes, but I am not a fan at all of anything related to Quinn or Clay right now.

Nick: No. The only thing I want to do after watching their storyline is put a gun to my head. I'm still confused about all of it as well, is Clay's pill addicting causing him to sleepwalk? Wouldn't any decent doctor test for this if it's a known occurrence from drug use, and knowing his history? It's drama for drama's sake.

Dan: I don't think it paid off either.  I agree that the whole thing was a bit confusing, which might have been they attempted to explain the whole thing in a matter of seconds.  If I'm correct in assuming that the sleepwalking thing was indeed a hoax by Clay the entire time, that's just pretty dumb.

What exactly happened with Baby Davis?

Miranda: I gasped "oh my god!" when I saw the car and the ambulance. I get such a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I think about that scene that I can't even bring myself to think of the possibility of what might have happened. When I read about Julian's "mistake" in the preview, this was not even kind of what I was thinking. They cannot let anything happen to Baby Davis.

Brian: I think Baby Davis was left by accident in Julian's car, and just happened to be at the scene of some sort of accident. I don't think Baby Davis was actually harmed but I have no idea. It was a very confusing scene.  If something did happen to Baby Davis, it would certainly make some sense of the future scenes we saw in the premiere with Julian.

Nick: Nothing fatal I hope! The scene really hit a common theme that the show has done since its inception - the long pauses on face, a focus on what the character is witnessing, and music swelling in the background. However, like the audience, the scene and characters keep pace with what's happening in our lives, and that's how the show always keeps pulling our heartstrings. Going back to the question though, I really, really hope nothing happened to the little guy.

Dan: The little guy was safe and sound asleep in the car for like five minutes, and some weirdo thought the kid wasn't safe, so he broke in the window and took Davis out.  The baby was fine, no need to cause a scene dude.  That's my guess anyway.

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Why all of a sudden did this show come back on? I love it. Chris Keller screamin in the kitchen at the fire was the best. I hate him. How many episodes are there going to be? Is Peyton or Lucas coming back. Where is Karen? Where is Dan's wife Nathan's mother? Will somebody answer me.


I was watching this on the DVR and deleted the episode before I could go back and listen to Clay's explanation on the beach again. I thought he looked pretty surprised and a little confused when she pulled the drugs out of his pocket. Having watched soaps off and on, I had been thinking maybe it was going to be Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, I'm on the fence now and leaning more toward he was strung out as opposed to sleep walking. As for the last scene with Julian, having two little boys myself, it was quite shocking, and I hope they don't "go there" as far as Baby Davis being hurt!


Clays sleepwalking is a product of a vicodin addiction..... He took pain pills after the shooting , got addicted and couldn't stop.....pain pills like that can cause a lot of issues......has anyone seen house? They had a whole season about it......he knew what the problem was and why he was sleep walling just was embarrassed to admit he went along with wato quinn wanted...... I think they eventually got to a good point......a lot better story than just sleep walking Go hayley! And as for the baby, davis is fine. julian left him in the car, someone saw, got concerned and broke the window to get the child out


I'm sure Davis will be fine but agree with Lo in the series of events. Ambulance was there b/c they would have been called regardless and the Ambulance would have taken him away as protocol. It is such a scary thing, when you have kids, to do something out of routine. I have driven all the way to work (opposite direction of daycare) and when I got to work my two year old son say, "Mommy, dis isn't school". They tell you to not be routine, to take a different way to work everyday, to put your purse or briefcase in the backseat with your child when you are taking them to daycare so when you get out you have to see the baby there. Due to the fact that Brooke will be helping Haley deal with the new diner across the street next episode (according to show synopsis) I'm sure Baby Davis is fine. As for Clay, addicted to pain killers, ashamed to ask for help, getting up at night to get pills from 'street pharmacist', passing out around town, making up 'sleep walking' story.


People are forgetting: we saw Julian numerous times after he said he would take Davis to daycare. He went to the ATM, he went to the liquor store. We are to believe that a significant amount of time passed, with Davis in the car alone. It could've been hours! And if I was walking by, and saw a baby alone in a car, on a hot day, I would've grabbed whatever was closest and bashed a window in to save him! You can tell if a car has been there awhile, feel the windows or doors and see if it's hot from the sun. He was SAVED. And don't get me wrong, I love Julian, but I would've done the same thing. The ambulance was there, probably because Davis has heatstroke or something. He better be okay!!!


It's not that hard to figure out. Clay got addicted to the pain medication after the shooting, the doctor wouldn't give him anymore so that's why he has been going to this random guy on the street. Clay never picked up his sleeping pills if you're forgetting. And Clay probably wasn't sleeping because he didn't have those pain pills, but now he does have them.


What I got out of the Clay storyline: He got some pain medication after the shot.
And now he's out of the prescription and wouldn't get more from the doctor,
but he's kinda addicted to it or he is scared without it, I dunno.
So he got the pills at that "street pharmacist" Still don't understand the sleepwalking?! Why would he made that up?
He wouldn't get pain medication for a sleeping disorder. About Dan ... I think I wouldn't care about him cooking my food.
I mean...he is a murderer: yes...but he just murdered people in his life (I think they just know about Keith, so you could just say family),
not just any guy or girl in the street. And Haley did everything right !!


Clay isn't addicted to sleep meds, he said that he got addicted to pills after he was in his accident. So that was likely pain medication...
As for Dan, I know he's been the villain on OTH for the duration of the show, but I'm so sick of him I could vomit. At least it's the final season and I won't have to look at him any more!
And my stomach dropped when I saw that emergency scene with the baby's window smashed... Can't wait until we can see what actually happened!


About the Clay storyline, what I got from it is..
He is addicted to cocaine.
He wasn't sleep walking, he was strung out and passing out all over the place. He used sleepwalking as an excuse to hide his drug problem.
Hence why he didn't want to go to a doctor, he was scared he would get found out. And the reason he walked away from his prescription, he knew he didn't need it because he didn't have a sleep disorder.

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