Patrick Dempsey to Return to Grey's Anatomy on One Condition ...

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Looks like there's at least a reasonable chance that Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey will be back on the ABC medical drama next season after all. But there is one catch, and it's a fairly big one.

"The biggest point for me in negotiations is getting time off to come race, so if I don't miss races, I'll probably stay on Grey's Anatomy," Dempsey said Sunday at the Daytona International Speedway.

There, he was testing his car for an upcoming race. He's more passionate these days about racing than acting, and makes no secret of the possibility that the current season of Grey's could be it for him.

Now That is a Handsome Fella

Dempsey, who turns 46 on Friday, said fairly clearly at one point that he was done after Season 8, but his publicist later downplayed those comments, saying Patrick meant solely that his contract is up.

In any case, don't pen your goodbyes to Derek Shepherd just yet.

"The show's doing really well," he said. "We were #1 on Thursday night, so it still has a lot of legs. ABC hasn't had a show this year that has kind of stepped up. We're certainly talking about the future."

Racing, however, is "my real passion," he said, aside from his family. "But I also enjoy the show. It keeps me in town so I can be around my family. So we'll see. Hopefully we can work out a deal."

Dempsey will show off his racing prowess in the Grand-AM Series' Rolex 24 (he placed third last year) January 28 and 29. Hopefully, McDreamy will also be a fixture on Thursday nights for years to come.

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i love you derek you my day went thursday come i can wait to watch u love u


should Patrick Dempsey gamble with his career for a hobby?you can't take acting for granted.Just a thought


I haven't seen any trailers for GA S8 in the UK anywhere. But I don't have Sky who I'm sure have bought the rights to show it. The UK generally starts showing programmes that start in September now e.g Desperate Housewives on E4.


Patrick has a young family to support and if he can divide his time between filming Grey's and his racing why not do it. It gives him the best of both world's a steady income from filming Grey's and whatever bonus he picks up when he is qualifying in his races. Patrick should be given a pat on the back.


If Patrick is more fond of racing than he is acting, he should be let loose from Greys & concentrate on something he obviously loves to do. As much as us fans would miss him, GA has been getting pretty boring for the past few seasons.


Grey's has ohhhhh, sooo jumped the shark.


when is greys anatomy back for 2nd half of current season in uk


Can PD earn a living from being involved with this race team?
PD seems to have planned to leave, but his return to GA would be great, but how to explain the lack of the nuerosurgeon @ SGH. I would hate Der's being absent from MerZola being explained as yet another problem between MerDer. Der seems to be in surgery the most of all the docs this season. I really would like to see Mer being the lead on her surgeries now. I'm guessing Mer will do general surgery as her career


and Ellen pompeo? does she return?


Haha Aussie, I would love to do that, if only I could jump that high. Happy Birthday to Patrick on Friday.