Perrey Reeves to Play Wendy on NCIS

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The closing scenes featuring Tony and Ziva - and the impending return of her boyfriend CI-Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano) - certainly had fans buzzing after last week's NCIS. Now, prepare yourself for the latest wrinkle:

Perrey Reeves has been cast as Wendy, Tony's ex-fiancee.

A quick-witted investigative journalist who goes to whatever lengths necessary to get her story, Wendy will be reunited with Tony and must relive the emotions of their shared past, according to TV Guide.

Reeves' potentially recurring role begins on Valentine's Day.

Perrey Reeves Photo

Tony's former engagement was first revealed in "Baltimore," the third-to-last episode last season, during which a younger DiNozzo revealed to his partner in flashbacks that he had proposed to Wendy.

"Wendy has been mentioned many times, and now we'll finally get to meet her," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "Wendy needed to possess all the qualities Tony would look for in a woman and then some."

"We hit the jackpot," he adds. "Perrey has just the right combination of sass, wit, intelligence and pathos to bring 'Baltimore Wendy' to life. Everyone at NCIS is thrilled she's joining us."

Some fans may not react with similar enthusiasm.

Between Ray's return tomorrow night and Wendy's appearance next month, it seems Tony and Ziva's relationship may not turn romantic anytime soon (or at all). But only time will tell.

Perhaps best known as Mrs. Ari Gold on Entourage, Reeves has also made recent guest-star appearances on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Private Practice, and Hawaii Five-0.

Are you excited to meet Wendy on NCIS?

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haha janet love your comments esp when MICHAEL is involved.calls him or her self a fan when all he or she does is write vile comments.


by the way michael how do you bad month somebody its mouth check your spelling before posting a comment.


oh my god michael you change your name so many times its tim now grow a backbone i know your writing anywhere.


Janet did your nose get big because you are a liar I come on and all you do is bad Month Kate EJ Tony and any character who Not Ziva so don't lie you hate NCIS


i am a tiva fan but love all of team gibbs.


Michayla I do watch the show and Most Tiva fan I have run into Only love Ziva Jant These is a Open free group don't be a bully


people people please dont listen to anything @michael says he fills all fan pages with his hate for ziva so please ignore for wendy we will just have to wait and see how it goes and it will be nice to see ziva a bit jealous as i think she will be as im sure deep down she loves tony.


And I could never Hate Gibbs or Tony


Michael- what are you talking about am a Tiva fan I like all character not just Ziva and I also Like Vance. maybe some fans don't like some characters and yeah they maybe Tiva fans but not all Tiva fans are like that.


Michael - whoever you are. What the hell are you going on about? How is the show all about Ziva? I believ we have learned a little from each of the characters. And I am a TIVA fan, but I love all the character - including Vance. They bring different qualities to the show and that's what makes it amzing. So, before you go mouthing of about something you have no clue about maybe, just maybe you should do a little research on the fans and their like and dislikes. And possibly you could actually WATCH the show, you may learn a thing or two.

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