Perrey Reeves to Play Wendy on NCIS

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The closing scenes featuring Tony and Ziva - and the impending return of her boyfriend CI-Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano) - certainly had fans buzzing after last week's NCIS. Now, prepare yourself for the latest wrinkle:

Perrey Reeves has been cast as Wendy, Tony's ex-fiancee.

A quick-witted investigative journalist who goes to whatever lengths necessary to get her story, Wendy will be reunited with Tony and must relive the emotions of their shared past, according to TV Guide.

Reeves' potentially recurring role begins on Valentine's Day.

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Tony's former engagement was first revealed in "Baltimore," the third-to-last episode last season, during which a younger DiNozzo revealed to his partner in flashbacks that he had proposed to Wendy.

"Wendy has been mentioned many times, and now we'll finally get to meet her," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "Wendy needed to possess all the qualities Tony would look for in a woman and then some."

"We hit the jackpot," he adds. "Perrey has just the right combination of sass, wit, intelligence and pathos to bring 'Baltimore Wendy' to life. Everyone at NCIS is thrilled she's joining us."

Some fans may not react with similar enthusiasm.

Between Ray's return tomorrow night and Wendy's appearance next month, it seems Tony and Ziva's relationship may not turn romantic anytime soon (or at all). But only time will tell.

Perhaps best known as Mrs. Ari Gold on Entourage, Reeves has also made recent guest-star appearances on such shows as Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Private Practice, and Hawaii Five-0.

Are you excited to meet Wendy on NCIS?

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I am very excited to meet her, and I wonder what Tony's reaction will be - and Ziva's. I really want the two co-workers to get together, it is clear the find each other attractive, they also care deeply about one another. I believe they should at least try and explore those feelings. All the same, I am quite excited to finally meet her.


@Sam, I'm a Tiva fan too. But I love all the characters of the show. That's why they have done something no other show has, kept me as a viewer after nine seasons. I usually get tired of them after like 5 or 6 seasons. Tiva fans are loyal, but haters are loyal to hating on us and what we like/love about the show, esp Tiva which I have never understood.


Writers: After a brilliant chapter which included an excellent time Tiva, not us distracted and begin now to bring to the Wendy, E.G., Ray and etc, etc. It's been 6 years together, have lived unsuspected situations, it is time (to Tony and Ziva and more for us, his followers) that can formalize that relationship. They have much in the past and even more so in the future. Many of us we want, wish and hope that outcome. Few couples in the series have as much chemistry as them. They have not thought perhaps that for many viewers it has been the best chapter of the Temp. 9 because that end have been included. The majority voted for it. We hope that we do not disappoint.


@sam Go to TV guide go to facebook NCIS fanpage these website any website that deal with NCIS and you will see these all almost every one of them " I hate ray EJ and Gibbs the show about Ziva and only Ziva"- Most Tiva people


Michael, that is a really stupid thing to say.
I'm on team Tiva, but don't say the Tiva shippers hate all the other characters because that's not true. I don't know what kind of Tiva shippers you've been in contact with but that is a lie!
I watch NCIS because I love the shows overall, Tiva is just the cherrie on top ;)


@ Kat TPTB no longer has any say in what NCIS does, Also In real life Ziva would't even been in NCIS because of her brother, In fact Ziva should be in jail right now for all the things she did to american.


I love all the characters equally, except maybe Vance. Just sick of the haters. I'm tired of love triangles that don't last beyond a few episodes because it is redundant. They won't be sticking around so what is the point. Whoever they bring in (EJ, Ray, Wendy, Michael), they leave after a few episodes. TPTB need to realize that it is getting old for those of us who have been watching since season one. Six years of flirting between two people needs to move forward, simply because in real life it would happen.


We don't know when she and Tony spilt up so for all we know he could of gotten her pergent before Yankee White. as far as all the hate she getting Tiva fans Hate everything the only thing they love is Ziva they hate Tony Gibbs Vance the cases the only thing they care about is Ziva. If the show was just Ziva standing there Naked they would be happy


I have to see her on NCIS 1st to see if I like her or not. I think it`s too soon my Tony and Ziva together witch I want but not until the end of the seris, because it messed up other shows. and I dont want that I want the show to go on atleast until season 11 so it can beat JAG and I be happy.


Another thing to consider, Wendy doesn't arrive until February 14 and that means its another month. We don't know what Ziva's answer will be or what is happening in the 200th episode or afterwards. They could have 3 more episodes before she shows up. Until then who knows what all could happen

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