Pilot Pickups: New CW Dramas, Judy Greer Sitcom

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With pilot pickup season drawing to a close, The CW has purchased three new dramatic scrips (one from J.J. Abrams and One Tree Hill's Mark Schwahn; another from Mark Harmon); while ABC has given the greenlight to a starring vehicle for a TV Fanatic favorite...

FIRST, we look forward to American Judy, a comedy that stars Judy Greer as a just-married woman who moves to the suburbs and must adjust to life with step-children and the ex-wife of her husband... who is also the town sheriff.

We adore Greer in Archer and also loved her stints on How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

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ELSEWHERE, The CW has ordered episodes of the following programs:

Shelter: Producer by Abrams and Schwahn; Centers on a New England summer resort where the staff members attend to the various needs of guests. Think Grey's Anatomy in a hotel.

The Selection: Based on a book by Kiera Cass and taking place 300 years in the future, when a woman is chosen by chance to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a struggling country.

Joey Dakota: Produced in part by Harmon, another time-traveling epic, this one going back to the 1990s where a reporter falls in love with the rock star subject of her documentary... only to then return to the present and be forced to figure out how to go back again and prevent his death.

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So much to think about and plan for when there is a dstisaer. May everyone, two-footed and four-footed alike, be safe. I’ll be liking the pages you mentioned. So glad you are on the front lines of this dstisaer – as you always are!


the cw should put more money into TVD and TSC so they can have better action sequences and give HoD and nikita new seasons. They should cancel 90210 asap... I kinda like GG so that can stay a while longer. GG won't be going anywhere cuz according to Michael AssHole Aussiello, Josh Safran said that they asked the bosses @ CW if they should write a series finale or season finale and they were told to write a season finale. So GG is safe for another year.
Shelter is the only good pilot that could be worth watching. That should replace 90210 like right now. The selection sounds interesting, but doubtful it will last long on The CW.
Joey Dakota seems very stupid. To base a show around an idea like that is ridiculous.


Shelter sounds good, but The Selection and Joey Dakota sound awful.
I hope The CW stop with ordering shows. I'd like to see GG, 90210, Nikita, Supernatural, Ringer and Hart of Dixie get another season.


The cw seems to always cancel my fav shows. Im still upset about veronica mars and life unexpected. I enoy hart of dixie and.secret circle and I will be so mad if they canceled. I think 90210 should go. I used to watch it but it is so boring now.


For the CW dramas Shelter and The selection sound pretty nice! Could imagine Misha Barton as a lead in The selection! But CW is picking up a lot recently! Will be interesting to see which shows gone be renewed? VD and secret circle are pretty sure staying, just as Nikita(very solid raitings). HofD is holding good as well! would love a new season for 90210 and Ringer as well! But really GG and 90210 are on a cliff. Maybe CW will and the 10pm timeslot!
CW needs at least 5 new shows!