Pretty Little Liars Clips: Who Asks Aria Out?

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On Monday's new episode of Pretty Little Liars, the gals will take one step closer to A, while Aria will take one step closer to moving on from Ezra. Maybe. At least if a certain male student gets his way.

Along with an intriguing phone call between Emily and Maya, and sexy talk about Hanna and Caleb, these developments are teased in the following sneak peeks at "Let the Water Hold Me Down."

Check out the episode's official promo now and then click away below...

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Whoever don't like maya are an idiot emily and maya should get back together I don't think that samara or paige is good enough for emily.


When you put who asks Aria out with a picture of Maya I started to laugh a bit. Maria would be their couple name, oddly enough.


find it funny that maya asks for fake i.d when her character is way into her 30s lol especially after bianca lawson was in buffy over over 15 years ago


I never liked Maya( Bianca Lawson made her so damn creepy ), so wouldn't be surprised if she was involved with A!
It seems like they are going in the direction to make to make everyone a little helper of "A"! she used lucas, sullivan, maya ... !

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Laugh now, but I'll be sending you a hand-written "thank you" note for letting me interrupt your conversation.


God! Why isn't anyone allowed to have a damn secret?


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