Pretty Little Liars Review: Don't Rock the Boat!

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After a promising start to the second half of the season, I was a little let down by this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "A Hot Piece of A." There was plenty of drama, danger and even a little romance, so we had plenty to enjoy. However, I just didn't buy the whole Lucas plot. I've always been a fan of that adorably geeky guy, and I can't believe he's the newest suspect.

Let's start with the relationship drama. It's bad news for Ezria fans! Aria still seemed pretty optimistic about their future, despite the looks of anger, betrayal and disappointment her parents kept throwing her way. Ezra was a little more realistic, especially after Byron stopped by for a little visit.

Byron vs. Ezra

Chad Lowe did an amazing job with this scene! The whole exchange was tense and totally believable. As a father, Byron has trouble imagining his little girl as someone who is capable of being in love, like any father of a teenage girl. This problem was made even worse when he sees his daughter with a grown man like Ezra. You could see his imagination running away with him as he suddenly noticed his daughter's outfits (totally against any school's dress code) and caught a glimpse of Ezra's rumpled bedsheets.

Luckily, his wife reigned in both his imagination and anger, so it doesn't look like Ezra will be going to jail anytime soon. However, Ezra still understands the seriousness of the situation. Aria will be a little harder to convince, as we've already seen her set up her next plot to trick her parents. I don't think lying to her parents is the smartest thing to do now. Damaging their trust in her (what little they have left) will only make things worse.

Why can't she just wait until she's legally an adult?

There was a brief Spoby reunion this week, which mostly served as an opportunity for Spencer to overhear an argument between Garrett and Jenna. There's a little trouble in paradise for this newly outed couple, but what's the cause of this friction? Garrett said Jenna turned on him, which wasn't surprising to Toby. It didn't seem like your average couple fight, and their possible breakup could open up new opportunities for the girls.

Did anyone else think Garrett was referring to Jason in that fight?

Other than the cute moment she had with Toby, Spencer spent most of the episode being annoying and bossy. As I've mentioned before, Spencer is always quick to accuse someone of being A or working with A. Each time there's a new suspect, Spencer immediately believes that person is guilty. She did the same thing with Lucas this week, badgering Hanna about one of her closest friends. It was bad enough that Spencer insisted on having Caleb work on the phone, despite the fact that she keeps Toby safely out of the A-madness. Sometimes I can't imagine why the girls would be friends with someone who can be a little selfish and stubborn. Then again, they were all best friends with the meanest of mean girls: Allison.

Spencer wasn't alone in thinking that Lucas was somehow involved with A; Emily spoke to Lucas on the crisis hotline and immediately became suspicious of him. BUT everything Lucas said on the phone was so vague! If they were a little more observant, I'm sure they would have come to a much different conclusion.

Since Caleb came back, Lucas has been keeping his distance, seeming almost tortured when he has to spend time with Hanna. It's no secret that he has a crush on her, and he's been a wonderful friend to her even though she doesn't return his feelings. It's more likely that Lucas has gotten tired of being stuck in the "friend zone" and wants to distance himself from Hanna.

Even though the whole boat scene was suppose to be ominous and scary, all that spookiness (fog machine and all) seemed artificial and forced. Lucas's anger and nervousness could be the result of a major emotional decision - to cut Hanna out of his life. Unfortunately, Hanna didn't wait long enough to hear anything he had to say. Now, poor Lucas is missing! 

Did Lucas drown? Could he be A's secret partner? Take a look at next week's episode now for a few clues.


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I highly doubt Lucas is A. This storyline does seem forced. I think he was just going to tell Hannah how he felt and how he had to stay away.
While I don't have a problem with Spencer taking control of the situation, I agree, she is always ready to accuse someone of being involved with A. She needs to back her thoughts up and realize not all of them could be A. It's also obvious that Lucas has always like Hannah and yet not one person seemed to pick up on that. I'm actually quite disappointed with Emily and Spencer always ready to point fingers.
How old is Jenna? She is supposed to be the same age as the rest of the girls, correct? How come it's acceptable that she's dating a cop? I also have to wonder if any of their fighting is staged. I don't know how much of it I actually buy although I buy it more than Lucas being A.


Where to begin. I'll start with my favorite storyline. Ezra and Aria. I think they have a great relationship. I personally, (and I am not a teenager, I'm married with a 4 year old and two year old and yes, still watch this show), think her father's affair was far worse than this situation. Neither Aria or Ezra are betraying anyone. I think this is a point that Aria should continually bring up to him. I am also bothered by the fact that Ezra didn't bother to try to insinuate that they have never slept with each other. As far as I know, they have not had sex yet, however the conversation he had with Byron in his apartment almost seemed like he was admitting to a sexual relationship. I'm sure he realized what Byron was implying. Ezra could've also implied that they haven't spent the night together yet. Well at least not sexually.


I hate when people are critical of Spencer. Yes, she can be bossy, but that's because she's a leader. She wasn't jumping to believe Lucas out of the blue...she had a legitimate reason and was trying to keep her friend safe. Most of the time, she is the most sensible and strong of the four, and she makes those hard decisions because someone has to. God.


If they had play the dark Lucas card Like for 3-4 episodes before this one I well believe it but I haven't seen Lucas's dark side since episode 9 of season 1 so now It feels a little to forced. And Its Lucas he is not "A" its just that it was killing him only being Hanna's friend, and It was difficult to say and then there was Spencer and Emily making things worse. Lucas just had a broken heart and then his love tried to kill him...


I can totally understand Aria. If it were me, I'd be verbally banging my parents' heads against a wall every step of the way. especially her father's, I mean, mabye his affair wasn't with a minor, but at least Aria's relationship is a relationship, not an affair. She shouldn't be taking this, I've seen minors try and get permission to live on their own for less than real love.
And the Lucas thing is just weird. I think that Jenna/Garrett were talking about Jason, but it WAS Lucas on the phone with the cell phone. Maybe he DID only want to tell Hanna he'd cut her out, but jeez, doing it in such a creepy way, she was really scared. who would push that so slowly then???
and yes, spencer may have been a little bossy. but she's really scared, that's why she's so driven.
and I LOVE that they brought caleb into it!!! they should tell him!! and toby too!! that would be just awesome :D only the four of them is getting kinda...boring.


Most high schools actually have rules that teachers cannot date students. In college, it's frowned upon but not necessarily against rules. The point isn't their age differences as much as it is the 'balance of power.' The teacher is in a position of authority--it's no different from a corporation or state-employee rule that subordinate cannot date supervisors. It's for the protection of the underling or, in the case of teachers/students, the young person.


why is it that people dont complain about jenna and garret,ian and allison,ian and spencer,jason and aria..but when it comes to ezra and aria everyone complains?aria is 17 and ezra is 24 what is the crime there?nobody complained about ian 21 with alisson 15??i mean people are such hypocrites..all i know is that ezra never abused the authority he had over aria...i cant wait for season 3 so she'll be 18,i am so tired of hearing crap about ezria...


In Rosewood teens hook up with adults all the time Spencer hooked up with Melissa fiancee who was a resident, Jenna is hooking up with cop Garrett and now Ezria. They are so cute together, why should Aria wait? Have you not seen Ezra? He would have me in class everyday. The whole Lucas angle was a shot in the dark, after that craptastic Halloween episode we they were showing us that Lucas isn't just the geek next door who Allison tortured but he also has a dark side. But lets be honest the dude is in love with Hanna and if he was A the obsession would be focused on her and if he is just A's minion I don't think he could take Emily in a fight, let alone get hit by a car with no bruises to show. I agree with Hanna, Spencer is bossing everyone around just like Ali but w/o the all the flirting.


I don't think the writers wanted us to think that the helper of Jenna and Garret is Jason. I think they wanted us to think that it is Lucas.
He screwed something up where he was so upset about. He kept saying that he would rather be dead. It isn't that bad to be in love with Hanna. There must be something else.
If he really wanted to tell Hanna, in the boat, that he wants to keep some distance from now on, why would he scream to her like that? She couldn't answer her friends that she was there, 'cause Lucas wouldn't let her. If he only wanted to tell her that he wants to keep distance, she could have told her friends that she was ok, right?
Now Lucas is missing. Now the questions left are: Who will DIE? and Who will be EXPOSED?


I didn't think Lucas was A until after the Halloween episode and now it just seems so likely that he is A and I think that's what everyone else thinks as well. We all saw him in the Halloween episode and now we are like Spencer and jumping to the conclusion that he's A. I think he just wanted to tell Hanna he can't be around her cuz he loves her and Calen being back is killing him. Did have a creepy way of trying to say it but it wouldn't be Rosewood without some creepy love situation.

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