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I notice that you give Violet a hard time, and sometimes its rightly deserved, but just ignore Pete's problems.

Violet might be annoying and clingy, but I find Pete to be too aloof to be a good husband. Last week, he just walked away after basically telling his wife he's sleeping with other women. No checking to make sure she's really fine and not putting on an act. He was so blaise about the whole thing.

This week, after putting up minimum effort to change Violet's mind, he took Lucas and left. Didn't look back until it was too late.

What husband who loves his wife would actually leave her alone in the house? Yes she made the decision and he didn't agree with it, but that does mean he can't stay with her to make sure everything goes alright. If my love one was in danger and wouldn't change their mind, you bet I would have temporarily moved back in.

He could have left Lucas with Cooper and Charlotte for the weekend.


I think Joanna told him where to find her and set it up to look like self defense. She is a bright lawyer after all.

It also felt like there was some softening from Pete toward Violet for the first time since the heart attack...are they heading back together? If there's anything left it'll show when Pete knows "Hot Scott" is in the picture.

Love Addie and Jake. I think Sam was heading toward trying to make up with Addie. Glad that got interrupted!


@candee2320 - Butcher knife? I don't know how I missed that, but it looks like I may need to rewatch this episode again.

@Bill - Pete and Violet may be separated at the moment, but she is technically still his wife. They may not be getting along, but she's still the mother of his child. I highly doubt he'd want her dead. Also, "Hot Scott" doesn't even know much about her at all.

@Lori - I think you're on to something. I actually had the same thoughts thinking that there was just something very wrong about Joanna. I also got the vibe that she could have hurt herself to set up David. Maybe this chapter is ending, and Joanna will be back later.

@carls - You're welcome! The numbers didn't look too great for last night's episode, but I'm with you and am hoping PP gets renewed as well.


Before I talk about all the other stuff, I have to say Amelia offering to be Addie's surrogate and Addie turning her down was the most or one of the most selfless moments ever on this show IMO. It was a sweet and selfless moment for both of them.

Good for Addison realizing she needed to take a break from all the baby stuff for a bit. After all the IVF failure, adoption failure, surrogate, breaking up with Sam, she probably just needs to take some time to regroup. Besides, when one stops trying for a baby, is usually when it happens. Even if she can't get pregnant, the adoption agency still has all her info.

Also, I am warming up to Addison and Jake with every episode.


Does anyone watch The Firm?


Sorry, but Addison is an idiot! Total brainwashed idiot. Sam's biggest flaw is that he doesn't realize how great he is? Really? Are you kidding me? That was like the most stupid thing i've heard in this show since it started. She is just typical example of a woman who is dependent on men, and when she isn't with a man, she at least has to idolize him! Yuck, i despise women like that.


Could someone PLEASE tell me what Amelia said to (or about) Sheldon when he and Sam were making those profiles??? Pleeeeease...


Violet is still a wife? Seriously? She may be on paper, but that's where it stops. I doubt her boy toy paramedic thinks of her much as a married woman.

I have always found it amazing how fast these characters jump from one bed to another. They're like rabbits, these people. And that goes for Violet's "husband," Pete, too. Within days of separating from his wife he was bonking some girl in an elevator that he had picked up (or she picked him up) in a bar. I like this show, but the sexual frenzy that's always swirling around that office is almost comical.

Now we have Addison about to do Jake. She is not exactly the best example of that old saying, "don't get your money and your honey from the same place." Don't think she's done Sheldon or Cooper yet, but I'm not sure. If she hasn't, they are probably feeling kind of depressed. They are likely asking themselves, "What's wrong me, if even Addison isn't trying to get me into bed?" Got to be a real blow to their egos.


I wonder what kind of doctor Violet really is, she read Joanna totally wrong and her gut feelings were way off too. I understand how Erica came to the conclusion she did, I am not sure if I had 6 months to live and chemo would maybe give me 6 months more if I would go for the chemo either. Sam and Sheldon were funny with the on-line dating thing. I am tired of Addie and her wanting a baby thing and I am glad she is giving it a rest. I feel bad for Amelia and hope she finds love again.I love Charlotte and Cooper together, they seem grounded now.


I loved the humor that the Sam and Sheldon scenes brought to the episode.

I appreciated Amelia offering Addison to be her surrogate cause I thought that was such a sincere gesture.

I definitely loved the Addison and Jake scenes. I really like how Jake is so determined to help Addison get what she wants. I just feel empathy and compassion radiating from this character. Plus, seeing them on the deck together at the end was great.

Charlotte and Cooper probably had less than two minutes of screen time together but I thought they were great. Seeing Charlotte be there for Cooper that way was just so endearing.

And as for Violet's case with Joanna - that was pretty crazy. Seeing Joanna stab David repeatedly shocked me. I know Violet can get too involved with her patients but I felt like this was different. You sort of felt that connection when they first met so I kind of it more as Violet protecting an acquaintance rather than being overly involved in a patient's life.

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