Private Practice Review: There Was Blood... Everywhere

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Roughly an hour has passed, and I’ll admit I’m a little shaken up after tonight’s intensely horrifying Private Practice.

Honestly, I am still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened and thinking that Shonda and company seriously know how to deliver a crazy dramatic episode.

Sam Sweating

First off, I think I speak for all of us when I say that Violet ought to move out of her home immediately. There has been far too much bloodshed on those wooden floors. If it were me, I’d already have my bags packed and would be checking listings frivolously.

Typically, I find myself thinking that storylines in dramas can seemingly be too predictable. This was certainly not the case for Joanna and David. However, I did expect that David would show up at Violet’s doorstep.

I also knew it was a terrible idea for Violet to try to get in the middle and nurse Joanna back to health at her own home. What was she thinking? More on that later, though.

When David shoved his way into the house, I was definitely shocked that he punched Violet in the nose. Then, I was flabbergasted when the scene cut to Joanna violently stabbing David to death repeatedly as he was clearly dead already. There was blood... everywhere. By the way, did anyone else catch that smirk on David’s face?! Creepy.

I couldn’t help but to shudder as I felt like I was watching a horror movie. It didn’t feel like the typical Thursday night TV. It was gruesome, brutal and obviously written for shock value. I certainly think the writers succeeded, if that was their goal. I was left terrified. How about you?

With the way that events concluded, one might wonder if things would have ended differently if Violet had taken what Joanna said about wanting to kill her husband more seriously the first time around. Also, should the doctors have tried harder to intervene or simply let the police investigate? Did Joanna act out of self defense in that moment?

Elsewhere: I wished that we would have gotten to see how Erica broke the news of her illness to Cooper. It was tough to watch Erica contemplate what she should do and how she should live her last few months.

With the Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode in the near future, we know that the doctors of Seattle Grace will give it their all to try to save Erica’s life. So, there is still time for her to change her mind. What do you think will happen for Erica to come around? Also, do you believe that she will make it?

Meanwhile, Jake and Addison were on a mission to find Addie a surrogate. Even Amelia volunteered her services which Addie declined, telling her that she needed to find out who she was. Soon after, Addison realized that she simply needed a break from all of the baby stuff and wanted to focus on absolutely anything else.

I again appreciated all of the subtle Jaddison moments. Even when they were in disagreement, I could still see the sparks fly. Still, I can’t help but wonder what Sam wanted to say to Addison as Jake appeared suddenly.

My favorite scenes in this episode involved the guys spending time together discussing where and how to find women. From working out at the gym to creating online dating profiles, these scenes gave us a chance to laugh a bit in a heavily dramatic installment. Both Sheldon and Sam were kind of cute and funny.

Last week’s episode received a staggering 0 on the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). How did this week’s episode fare? I’m rating it a 3.5. Don't forget to leave your rating in the comments.

Sure, Violet was just trying to be helpful throughout the entire episode, but I just wished that she’d take a step back and not put herself in the middle of her patients’ issues. She is still a wife, friend, and, most importantly, Lucas’s mother and ought to think twice before getting involved. This is not the first time something has hit so close to home for her and put her in a very dangerous situation. When will she learn?

Did you enjoy "Losing Battles"? It’s been one heck of a season for Private Practice so far and this episode was definitely entertaining and another solid one for the books.

Hit the comments below and check back early next week for the first ever official Private Practice Round Table! Yes, you read that right. Get excited!


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I am beginning to think the killing of David might have been some how not spontanious...who brings a huge butcher knife on a breakfast tray. That was my first clue David was going to show up. I think Violet figured David would come looking for his wife at her house or at the very least information. Violet getting Lucas out of the house another clue....
I really love Addie and Jake's natural chemistry.
But it is the Charlotte and Cooper relationship I love. They are allowed to be weak, mad, horny and human...and they are there for each other.


@Laura, of course Mason has a mother (although seems like not for long). What I meant was that Charlotte has been great with him and has developed some motherly feelings IMO


For me all this Mason/Erika SL are so predictable and boring..For the record @Marin..that kid has a mom already..Charlotte will never be Mason's mom..He knows who is his mom!


Violet Annoyance = 7
I'm wondering- how premeditated was the murder? Did you see the exchange in eye-contact between Violet and the mad woman as she was being led out the door by the police. I went to sleep replaying the dialog throughout the episode in my mind. I mean- did she maybe even hurt herself the first time to set him up? I think there's something to this.
I like the actress playing Erica because I loved her on My So Called Life!


Violet's story was very strong. The moment Violet opened her eyes and we could see the knife being stabbed into the body over and over again... real shocker. And I'm glad they tackled this serious issue.
My favorite moments all involved Addison and Jake. And Amelia. It was very touching when Amelia offered to be Addison's surrogate and Addie gently turned her down. And Addison and Jake are the best thing to happen to PP in a long time. Everything about them is so natural and you can see their amazing chemistry in the tiniest actions. My favorite moment was their conversation at Addison's house. I want more of them and soon. They're definitely my favorite "couple" this season - even if they're not a real couple yet.


I'd also liked to note that this season really is my favorite and I hope it does continue to be so. As @Marin said, last season was disappointing, so this is a step up and the step up is good. I hope Shonda and co. keeps up the amazing writing, storylines and development of these characters as I'm really seeing it with every single one of them this season.


Addison and Jake are amazing. Even when they disagree, they manage to me mature about it.
The online dating thing was hilarious. Just thought it was an excuse to underuse Sheldon and Sam though.
In regard to Sheldon, I'm sick of his whining and leaving a room when he sees Amelia. I know he 'loves' her, but it's just immature and the storyline seems to be going nowhere.
Cooper breaking down on Charlotte was great. I love these two. If anyone can tug at the heartstrings it's these two.
In my opinion, Violet needed probably a 3.0. I agree that she got in the middle, but she does what she does best - treat patients. As much as I believe that she is growing into a better person, I think her patients will always come first in her life. I knew the stabbing scene was coming as Violet was awakening from her punch in the face. Thankfully, she ran to Scott and not Pete. Sick of him acting like he cares when he doesn't.


I dont like the actress playing Erica and thus I dont really care about her character. But the storyline is good! Now we know why he brought Mason to Cooper after all these years and its amazing to see how Coop has developed into great father (never doubted that he would be) and even more amazing that Charlotte as become a mother! Something that she always said she doesnt want to be!!!
Im really enjoying this season of PPP, last season was disappointing.


The annoying Violet is back! I will give it 7.
This case showed exactly why she can be so annoying. There is no reason to get so overly involved, it does not help them! What help did she get by staying at her place, while puting everybody in Violet´s life in jeopardy. Pete was even more annoying.
I LOVE Addie and Jake together! I wish there was more of their scenes together. I think it is obvious that he really cares about her, but at the same time it is nice that he does not come on too strongly. It was also nice to see that Sam and Addie were able to normally interact. Looking forward to Addie and Jake going to the conference!


And now I feel like a goof. "I believe she cares for her *patients*" is what I meant to say. :)

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