Private Practice Sneak Preview: "The Time Has Come"

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Thank you, Private Practice. We need a week off.

Following an especially brutal episode of the ABC drama, Addison and company will return on February 2 with "The Time Has Come." What can you expect from that installment? Look for...

  • Sheldon to counsel a veteran friend of Sam's who is suffering from PTSD.
  • Erica and Mason to get into a car accident.
  • Pete to confront Scott
  • Addison to get quite drunk and very flirty with Jake.

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Oh, i forgot to add that they cannot film an episode and air it that week they film it! there is something called post production! every episode to film takes 9 days and then some time for post production. that's why they are always ahead with the fimling. like episode 10 aired but they already filmed episode 14!


@ Wendy you know they are filming all the time, the actors don't have any time off!!! YOu genius! It's ABC who is sheduling repeat, but actors don't have any time off, they are still working!!!


Isn't anyone else annoyed that they keep taking "breaks" mid season? Seriously how much time do these overpaid actors need off? I love this show but I am to the point where I am debating not watching anymore because they can't be bothered to do a new episode each week. I don't mind a repeat now and then but this is getting just ridiculous!!!! Get it together ABC with all your shows!


Yay...time to shove jake into Addison. How not hot...


I love Addie and Jake!


@Sofie She hasn't slept with Sheldon. Addie met Jake before he worked at the practice.


Addie cannot be with Jake, then Cooper will be the only one at the office she hasn't been having sex with. Pick One Shonda and let her be happy instead. That would be very nice thank you.


I don't think Pete should be jealous about Violet. He's the one that drove her to the point of separation. It was a mutual decision that they made so he should respect that. "Wanna have sex?" from Addison is making me even more excited for this episode. I think it'll be great to see her more relaxed since she's been so focused on having a baby. I think we'll see a lot of great things between Jake and Addison here and none of that will probably include them actually having sex. As for Erica and Mason's accident, it's safe to assume it will act as a catalyst for Charlotte and Cooper to face their future with Mason..


Oh I knew it was coming!!! Addison and Dr Hotness Jake! I can't wait for this episode, who does Pete think he is??? Didn't he just have extramarital relationship with a woman in town on business?? Men!


Go away Pete! You've already had your fun, now let Violet get hers. She's entitled to it. You walked out, so she is trying to move on. Glad she went to Scott in the last episode and not Pete.
As for Addison and Jake, I know he won't do anything as he'll see her as a drunk vulnerable woman, but I can see them having an emotional talk about her and babies and the possibility of his dead wife.

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You are famous. Everyone knows you here. You're the Meryl Streep of maternal-fetal medicine.


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