Remodeled Review: Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

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After taking an extended hiatus for personal reasons, agent Paul Fisher has returned to the modeling scene. In the Remodeled premiere, "A Latte to Learn," we find out why Fisher is back, along with his new mission.

Just a little bit of history: Fisher was a legend in the heyday of the "supermodel." He represented some of the world's biggest beauties, including Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Brooke Burke, Kimora Lee Simmons and Carla Bruni. To put it bluntly, he knows his stuff!

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Upon Fisher's return he has different intentions. He wants to focus on bringing together small agencies from around the world, revamping them and having them join what he calls "The Network." In the premiere, we see Fisher and his team on their path to rebuilding. You see agencies that can't keep their clients, aren't finding the best talent and just not performing well.

The show has a bit of "Tabatha Takes Over" feel to it. Fisher and crew are coming in and gutting some agencies from the inside out. But, honestly, if it's going to help them succeed, then why not? Fisher can be harsh at times and seem a bit crazy, but above all he is passionate.

My only gripe with the show is that there is a lot going on and I'm not sure what the real focus is. Is it about helping the little guys in the world or finding new talent?

Fisher has another idea about promoting a healthier lifestyle within the modeling world filled with eating disorders and drug abuse. This I can truly get on board with. It seems like whichever direction Fisher decides to hone in on, he is doing it for the good of the industry. 

One thing I think worth noting is that there is an agency that focuses on Kaela Humphries, sister of Kris Humphries (aka ex Mr. Kim Kardashian). If they were still together, I'm sure the Kardashians would be promoting the crap out of the show. But with an industry vet like Fisher, I think Remodeled will find a good audience regardless!


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You said it Nicky! Kaela Humphries is amazing- the show really has it all which is SO REFRESHING.


Sometimes the truth hurts. Paul's goal to revamp the modeling industry one agency at a time is noble; if anyone can pull it off, it's Paul. He gives agency owners some tough love from time to time, but he has their interests at heart. "Remodeled" is a great show and I can't wait to see future episodes.


Love love the show. Paul is so real when dealing with the smaller agencies he is reworking. I see the passion behind the tough love, I believe this is the best show out right now!


I love ReModeled!! It gives the best inside look into the modeling and fashion industry and it feels so real. I don't get the feeling that they are making this stuff up for the show or that the company was merely created for some short term buzz. They have a real message that they are sending out and I can't wait to see what happens next!


I seriously love this show. Love that it shows the behind the scenes of the fashion world- so much better than any of that other reality crap out there. Cant wait to see the next episode!!


Unlike all the other modeling shows on TV Remodeled actually shows us the essential steps that both an agency and model take to get on top! No BS involved all of it is real and there is a lot to learn and to enjoy by watching this show!


The show ReModeled is awesome! I did some research on Paul and this concept and he's really got something special happening. Kaela Humphries (Kris Humphries' sister) appeared on the premiere show as a model AND she walked in the Richie Rich show at NY Fashion Week in September. This ins't your typical reality show BS, it's real, these models aren't actors as far as I can tell. Definitely going to watch again. I see this replacing other crappy fashion shows as my new obsession!

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