Revenge Episode Promo: A Loaded Proposal?

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It's a good thing Tyler didn't shoot Emily in the head on last night's new episode of Revenge - because Daniel has major plans in store next Wednesday night.

As is made rather clear in the official preview for "Infamy," Daniel is planning to propose, but the question looks to be whether he does it out of love... or whether he has an agenda beyond that in mind. See for yourself:

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This show is so good. I'm not used to a major network having this kind of drama. It feels like it should be on HBO, awesome in its epicness. Its exciting because you can feel the house of cards starting to rattle.


Well, now I think Emily's Japanese tutor was right, she is really in love with Daniel and neglecting the fact that he may not be as innocent as he looks. There should be something wrong with Daniel and thats why he is killed by beloved character Jack!


I actually believe Daniel really wants to marry her, but he'll just be telling Victoria that so she somewhat "approves" of it and that he won't get any flak from Conrad.
Ashley's obviously just being a bitch, because she's still upset about Tyler and probably due to the things he had put in her head about Emily.


Finally Daniel can do something devius, its was just wrong for him to be so inocent


Revenge is by far the BEST show on TV. Every single scene is must see!!!


The promo TEXT heralds the arrival of an author who becomes the next revenge target,why is there nothing about this author in the promo VIDEO?


oddly enough, the next episode is not Commitment, it is Infamy. and by the way, last night's episode was very juicy, it deserves a lot more higher ratings also, it would be a perfect fit for Sundays, now that Desperate is a goner


isnt the next episode infamy




How... uh... romantic? Why does Daniel need the money so badly though, I mean I'm sure Emily would be more than willing to lend the kid a few bucks? And since when was Ashely such a b!tch to Emily? Thought they were "friends"

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I share a last name with the CEO. You'd think I'd have less to prove, not more.


Infamy can be a sentence more damning than any prison term.