Revenge Round Table: "Commitment"

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She may have blood on her hands, but Emily Thorne is not backing down. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the latest new episode of Revenge concluded with this heroine for re-energized and inspired.

That spells trouble for Victoria Grayson, but excitement for our Round Table panel! Below, Leigh Raines, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella go back and forth on "Commitment," with reader feedback, as always, encouraged...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Leigh: I feel like the obvious answer was the touching scene between Charlotte and Emily when Charlotte said she always wanted a sister. But I think my personal favorite was the reveal that Victoria's lawyer was working with Emily.

Chandel: That end scene when it was clear that the pause button was clearly not getting pushed.

Christine: I loved the conclusion when you could read Emily's reaction on her face as Daniel told her David Clarke raped his mother. She didn't have to say a word and you knew her plan for Revenge just kicked into hyper-drive.

Dan: Agreed. Emily deciding that she was back on the Revenge train was fantastic. But Daniel's hurt for his mother's pain was even better. He loves so hard, whether it be for his mom, sister or Emily.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

If you were forced to choose, who's side do you fall on, Victoria's or Conrad's?
Leigh: After Victoria claiming rape? I'd pal around with Conrad.

Chandel: Probably Victoria because I have a feeling she will end up siding with Emily at some point to take Conrad down within her original plan. On the other hand, her hint about getting raped was despicable.

Christine: As bad as Victoria is, I still dislike Conrad more even though they're both manipulative bastards. Perhaps it's simply because I love Madeline Stowe. That might give her the edge.

Dan: I'm siding with Victoria. It seems like this all started from Conrad, and Vickie just got pulled into the whole thing. She has become evil since then, but at the time, she was caught.

Has Emily allowed for too much collateral damage at this point?
Leigh: Like Emily said in the opening, she is all about commitment. The risk of collateral damage comes with a revenge plot; this is why Emily tries not to give into her emotions.

Chandel: Yes, in a lot of ways she should have cut her potential losses by distancing herself from Daniel before he could have proposed, not to mention everything else that's happened. Then again, I have always been of the mind that in the end everyone will have a part in the final takedown as co-conspirators against someone, likely Conrad. Damage will abound for all involved.

Christine: If you don't have the stomach for casualties then don't go to war. Emily knew this wouldn't be easy. That's why she boxes up all of her emotions and focuses on her targets. But I do love how Nolan is both her accomplice and her conscience. She needs him in both roles.

Dan: Yes. I feel like there could have been ways to complete her fits of revenge without some of the extra damage she has created. I wanted her to come out of this unscathed, but that is highly unlikely at this point.

Write a quick goodbye note to Fauxmanda Clark before she jets away.
Leigh: Dear Lisa P, you brought some spice to the Hamptons and provided some saucy entertainment. You were good eye candy, but ultimately, you were getting in the way. Time to take the money and run, baby.

Chandel: You got played. Sincerely, Anonymous Cellmate.

Christine: You were wild and fun, psychotic and loyal, but in the end, far too unpredictable to keep around. Get out while you can before you're the next body found on the beach.

Dan: How could you leave Jack like that!?!? Sell out. Peace.


rewatching some episodes.. I love the part where emily is deciding to put pause on her revenge plan and reasses but when daniel tells her that david raped his mom.. the voiceover states.. How far will you go!!!!
love love love this show


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Sympathy from Daniel so he could tell his father and then somehow influence the settlement.


1. Fav scene was the proposal. It was wonderfully written, flawless acting and execution. Plus its the beginning of the end for Daniel so it was heartbreaking plus amazing at the same time. 2. I can't choose. They are both villains and they need to be put down. I said it before, Victoria chose Conrad and his wealth over David. Every decision and action she has made was that so she could keep her life as is. Sure she had a change if heart n was going to run with David, but in the end she did not. Even the rape story was done so she could get sympathy. 3. No. All of the collateral damage was expected. She had to know that things will never happen according to plan. 4. Dear Fauxmanda, you are creepy and weird but thanks for killing Frank and being strong against Victoria. Jack will not miss you.


Conrad is awesome. I am totally on his side. Victoria is ok. But she really stepped over the line with the whole rape thing. Isn't David suppossed to be her true love? In some ways that was even worse than helping Conrad put him in jail and then putting little Amanda in an institution. Conrad doesn't pretend he is a victim while Victoria does.


1. Ending. Charlotte/Emily was great though.
2. Conrad because I can feel some sympathy for him over Charlotte.
3. No. Commitment requires freedom of action


I agree with JASE and I'll add... I LUV Nolan! Best show on tv, keeps getting netter


1.the revelation that the lawyer was working with Emily. Oh and any scene Nolan was in. : )
2.Conrad! I kinda lose respect for a woman who allows herself to be played by her husband like that...and lost sight of her poor roots. She's despicable in her own right though.He seems less devilish and more together whereas she's grown to be more evil over the years.
3.Yes.Obviously it's unavoidable but she has it going on when it isn't necessary. Nolan was right.


I loved the proposal. Em/Am and Daniel, the yacht, the 4 piece orchestra, the stage was set for the romantic proposal, and then the rain made everything perfect. Either Em/Am is an Oscar caliber actress or she felt something when Daniel proposed. Victoria’s side everything time. Of the 2 I think Victoria is the more formidable enemy. There is nothing she won’t say or do to get what she wants including implying her daughter is a product of a rape committed by the love of her life. Conrad won’t win anything in court if he is attacking a rape victim. Brilliant and disgusting at the same time. Emily had to know there was going to be collateral damage. She may have not known it was going to hurt people she was close to, but I agree with her decision to continue. Victoria can turn lemons into poisoned lemonade but she went way too far. You’re a crazy psycho who belongs in the padded cell next to Tyler. Kick Rocks
Sincerely, Concerned TV Viewer

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