Revenge Round Table: "Infamy"

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How did Emily Thorne's revenge stack up against her past schemes last week? On whose team are you on, Daniel or Jack? What was your impression of Treadwell?

All these questions and more are posed in the Revenge Round Table below, as panelists Leigh Raines, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Dan Forcella dissect "Infamy." Won't you join them?


Rate Emily's revenge of the week on a scale of 1-10.
Leigh: A big ol' TEN! There were so many different aspects that went into this and using the faux Amanda Clarke was a risk but it went flawlessly. Plus, it all added up to that big reveal.

Chandel: Definitely a 10. Burning Treadwell's house down was unbelievable. Dude was devastated.

Christine: I have to agree. 10. I love how she and Nolan worked together and, even though I saw it coming, there was something extremely satisfying about watching that little weasel's house and dreams burn.

Dan: Make it a clean sweep. This also gets a 10 from me, just because of how over the top it was. All she really needed to do was steal the tapes and burn the memoir, but no, Emily goes for the jugular in burning almost everything the dude owns.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

With Daniel rushing into marriage for his mother and Jack turning to his wild side with Amanda, what side are you on now, Team Daniel or Team Jack?
Leigh: Can't I just pick both? Daniel does love Emily, he said as much, even if the marriage is somewhat expedited to help his mother. Jack is just getting played so hard by Faux-Manda it pains me. But I love where his heart is at.

Chandel: I am Team Torn. As much as I adore Jack, I cannot condone his relationship with Amanda. She is too wild for him, or anyone, for that matter. Now that Daniel is seeking revenge on his father by teaming up with mommy dearest, I have no idea whose team I'm on!

Christine: I've never really connected with Jack so I'm still team Daniel. He's head over heels for Emily and he wants to help his mom. I can't really fault him for that.

Dan: Yeah, I used to be up in the air on this one, but Jack has yet to prove to have any kind of a personality, so now I'm full on Team Daniel. Get that money, kid.

What was worse, Treadwell screwing over little Emily/Amanda? Or his fashion sense?
Leigh: I guess with Treadwell's name change came a style change! But screwing over an innocent child is far worse than just some ugly duds. That dude had it coming.

Chandel: Do we have to choose when they were both so bad?!?

Christine: How does he look in the mirror in the morning and think that he looks good? But screwing over a scared, grieving child... he deserved what he got and then some.

Dan: I would send 10 little girls to terrible fates before wearing that suit/bow tie combination. Too harsh? Yeah. Probably.

Who will take the news of Charlotte being David's daughter the worst? The best?
Leigh: Charlotte will probably take it the worst. Her mother basically stated she wishes she had never been born. Charlotte is a total Daddy's girl and suddenly it's not even her real father. Hopefully Conrad doesn't pull away from her, but knowing the Graysons, he will probably use it in his divorce battle.

Chandel: The worst? Clearly Conrad. It will devastate him, if not simply make him more angry. Daniel might also have a really hard time. The worst could also be Charlotte. It turns her whole world upside down. The best? Is there any way to take the news that might completely change everything you thought you knew? I don't think so!

Christine: Oh, definitely Charlotte. Poor kid will be in a tail spin after this. I've got to wonder if Conrad suspects something since he knew about Victoria's relationship with David or if his ego won't allow him to go there.

Dan: I think there's a good chance Conrad already had an idea that this was the case, so Charlotte will definitely take it the worst. Who will take it the best? Nolan of course. This is exactly the type of thing that will get him excited.


team daniel!!!love revenge


Great episode. I've always preferred Daniel over Jack. He's actually a multidimensional character and very likable, and he truly loves Emily. And Emily has feelings for him, you can tell. Jack is a miss for me. He's too one dimensional and I feel like we're supposed to like him because he's a nice guy, but he doesn't connect. Plus, Amanda is not the same person he knew all those years ago that he's holding onto.


1. 10
2. Team Nolan, I don't care if he is gay because they make a better team then any of the others.
3. Screwing over Emily/Amanda
4. Worst: Charlotte Best: Victoria because she knows and it is her love child with David but she do not like her because she feels guilty.


1. 10 for sure!!
2. Team Daniel all the way!! I'm still hoping that he won't die as unlikely as that sounds. He's one of the reasons I watch this show. He really loves Emily and you can see how she's falling for him too.
3.Hurting little Amanda. That's just wrong.
4.I totally agree with Leigh's reasoning.


this show keeps surprising me every week. . . wow, charlotte is emily's sister, this is getting a lot more interesting. . . cant wait till tomorrow. .


1) 15, absolutely stunning. 2) Daniel by a mile 3) He got what he deserved, little prick. 4) Leigh's answer...poor girl. This show is STILL managing to improvement each week and it was already my fave. It has to have good ratings and win an award, its literally to good for major network tv.


I'm pretty sure Conrad already knows about Charlotte and is going to use it in the divorce.


1. 10
3. Hurting little Amanda
4. Worst: Conrad


This is the best takedown so far and deserved the 10s it scored! That tool messing with a childs emotions deserved to be on the ground crying! I knew she'd burn down his house because of how the lighter and cigarettes kept getting portrayed. I love this show and stay up just to watch it!


1.Rate Emily's Revenge from 1 till I'm begging U for MERCY! This girl is taking them all down, and she doesn't regret any moment of it! SHe took down the man who made her hate her father, so he can be happy to not be in that house!
2. Team Daniel!
We can see Emily been torn between her feelings! But I love the way Daniel trust her and stands by her side all the way! And this marriage talk isn't just because of MOM! For Jake I see him falling for Amanda but he will be broken when finds out the truth.
3.Don't play with little GIRLS!
he sold her out so easily and he should be ashamed! He could be a greater Hero by saving David Clark than being his executor
Worst: Emily it will eat her apart!
Best: Nolan he will take care of her! Or Daniel as the suportive string brother!

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