Revenge Spoilers: An Arrest, A Murder, A Kidnapping

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A murder. A kidnapping. A couple of returns and a look ahead to season two.

Revenge may not air a new episode until February 8, but rest assured, TV Fanatics, the juicy ABC drama will deliver more twists and turns than ever before when it picks up again.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman on the cover, but it's the scoop from creator Mike Kelley inside that ought to have viewers truly buzzing. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand and read on for intriguing excerpts from the producer...

Revenge EW Cover

Who will return? Kelley says both Tyler and Amanda will be back and both will "start f-cking with Emily... they've got new, different agendas." We may also see Lydia again before the season concludes.

New characters will play key roles - James Purefoy has already been cast as a love interest for Victoria, while Courtney B. Vance will play her new attorney - but one we've recently been introduced to will "do something so diabolical you can't believe it" and it will incite Emily's wrath.

We'll catch back up to the pilot's engagement party on the February 15 episode, aptly titled "Chaos." Is Daniel actually the corpse on the beach? No comment, but Kelley promises "someone will be arrested and someone will be dead" by the end of the hour.

Someone will also get kidnapped and someone close to Emily will betray her.

"We'll learn how Emily Thorne became Emily Thorne," Kelley previews, adding that this look back will include more on Japanese mentor Takeda.

And how will season one end? Despite no official word from ABC yet, writers are hard at work on season two. It will pick up in the summer and the May finale will likely include a flash forward that previews the show's next major mystery. Kelley concludes with one final tease, looking way ahead:

"There will be a wedding - at least one - and there will be more murder. Maybe in the same day!"

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Why are people so obsessed with Nolan's sexual orientation? I don't get it. I really love his character and I hope he isn't the one that betrays Emily. But I don't think so. My bet is on Amanda. And she actually has every reason to be upset with Emily.
The show is getting better every week, it never gets boring.


I think the person that dies on the beach is Tyler and the person that betrays her is Danies (to his mother) or "Amanda" (to Jack). It would be aweful if Nolan betrays her and Daniel can't die because he's a huge part of the Plot and story. Plus we know Victoria gets a new lover in episode 17 which is only 2 episodes after the shooting. No way she would do that if Daniel had just died. Just saying.


I do not want to wait until Feb 8........


I hope Daniel doesn't die and that Nolan doesn't betray her! If any of those things or both happen, the show will be ruined for me!!


@Dexter...I completely agree with you. I thought it would get old but Its spellbinding. I'm in utter shock every week, its not just what they do but how they pull it together. Literally every aspect of it is phenomenal


How does this continue to be so good? Honestly, whoever created this, you are a legend!


I hope that David Clarke is really dead,as otherwise we've been lied to about the premise of the show.I think that the convenient timing of his death weeks before his daughter turned 18 was arranged,and that she will discover that.I wish there'd be no more same-sex PDA. Kelley has promised that if she ever gets together with Jack (and given that since the pilot we've known he wants to sail off to Haiti,and that this is inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo,which ends with the protagonist sailing off with his ladylove Haydee,I think that's a screaming hint of the intended series finale) there will be nothing but love and forgiveness between them,but in his position,finding out the truth about her would make it hard for me to trust her,so I could see him doing something that would hurt her and delay that reconciliation. But why has Victoria been allowed to get Treadwell's tapes rather than led to believe that they were destroyed in the fire?


Ugh I fiend this show. I mean I absolutely must have a fix. Its gotten so damn good


Some people are way too hung up on TV and film characters' sexual orientation. There was a time--more than one era--where a lot of people went both ways, and people didn't blink an eye. Nolan isn't the playboy type, anyway--he's a geek, with a lot of money. His social skills aren't up to playboy level. We figured Amanda would be back, but hadn't counted on Tyler's return. Hmmm...someone close to Emily betraying her could be Daniel, Nolan, Amanda, Jack, or even her mentor...


Gabriel Mann has already said that Nolan is a shade of grey sexually so a girl boy relationship is not off the cards just yet. The only question is with who?

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

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