Shameless Review: Can't Knock the Hustle

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No matter the season, you can’t knock the Gallagher hustle. But as we find out in the Season 2 premiere of Shameless, "Summertime" is truly their prime.

Debbie and Carl are running a daycare, Lip and Ian are in a fight club, and Fiona and V snagged a gig at a ritzy club.Frank, per usual, is not pulling his weight but rather making idiotic bets and trying to hinder Sheila’s recovery.

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Much to my surprise, nobody knows what happened to Eddie. After last season’s horrific suicide at the ice fishing hole, you would think perhaps there would be a lead on him, but there’s just a few measly signs.

Every day that Sheila’s makes literal steps to overcome her agoraphobia, Frank knows she makes it closer to the Alibi and closer to finding out the truth about what a scumbag he is. She will also likely find out that he slept with her teenage daughter.

Karen has gotten over her goth punk stage and is allegedly in Sexaholics Anonymous. All this really means is that she’s not sleeping with her older boyfriend, Jody, from group, but she’ll still get it on with Lip on the side.

It’s odd to watch her seem so fine after everything she went through last season. I also simply cannot believe that Lip would ever forgive her for sleeping with his father. That’s just beyond a point of comprehension. Then again, that’s Shameless, turning the jaw-dropping moments into something entertaining and intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s often disturbing, but pushing the envelope makes for interesting television.

I’ve saved talking about Mama Bear Fiona for last. As Emmy Rossum mentioned in our interview, she’s still reeling from her breakup with Steve. Only she has moved on from the depression and into the rebound stage. Healthy? Who are we to judge? If it works for her, it works.

Things I loved: Ethel the mormon girl is still living with Kevin and V and has seemingly become a part of their family. Lip is still smart as a whip and has a friendship with that professor who wants to help him. Amy Smart is back as crazy, skanky Jasmine. 

Do we even need to get into how idiotic Frank is for making a $10,000 bet? He used his own child as collateral! The man will never change. All in all, I thought this was a tremendous welcome back episode for the Shameless crew. What about you?


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I love this show. I think Steve must be coming back, he seemed to be featured in a lot of the pre-season promo material. I was a little surpised that the taser-proof thug was actually trying to hold Frank to 10G bet, clearly frank had no money to actually bet with. They should have just beat him up and left him in a gutter. I kept expecting someone to make the connection that they could have traded the pot to the thug. Too bad they nipped that storyline in the bud (pun intended).

C f ohara

And what happened to Kevin? He gained some serious weight in the off season ay? I guess a serious case of the munchies.




I look forward to more episodes of Shameless. Love the cast. There was something lacking from the premier...Steve. It wasn't the same without him. Fiona & Steve's relationship adds heart to the show.

C f ohara

Also interested to see Fiona pursue the dismissive DJ from the club and what kind of story that will produce.

C f ohara

Seeing Liam caged up in that bed spring prison was almost too heavy a scene for me and for this gritty comedy, but I liked that they showed the taser proof thug playfully flying Liam around letting us know that he did that more for show than to be cruel, but still this poor little kid doesn't stand a chance. Maybe the second hand smoke from the bud bonfire will wipe any memory of the whole ordeal from his memory. There is no chance Fiona breaks six on that mile let alone finishes it what with her lifestyle. I liked the set up though for what will hopefully be a crowning moment for her in a future episode where after some training she proves to herself that she could and can run such a time.

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The man's in love with his own fabulous self, probably masturbates while he licks his reflection in the mirror.


I got tasered for like a second and I crapped myself. There's no way you got tasered twice, fought off three cops and ran away.