Shameless Review: How Low Can You Go?

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The basis of Shameless is that the Gallaghers put the fun in dysfunction. But "I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day" took their dysfunctional antics to a whole new low, while simultaneously showing us a rare remorseful side of the family.

How low can Frank or Fiona sink before their conscience begins to feel heavy? For Frank, who knows what the answer is, but consider: we basically saw him sex a woman to death this week.

A Shameless Scene

There's really no PC way to talk about what happened between Frank and Dottie (aka Butterface). Last week, she told him that she can't have sex because her heart would explode. This week, after realizing she wouldn't be getting a new heart, she asked Frank to make love to her. That's certainly a Hell of a way to die! 

Of course, what Dottie didn't know was that there was a heart for her. Her new sham of a fiancee Frank heard the beeper go off and told the service that Dottie had already passed. Then he proceeded to go on a rant at The Alibi about how people shouldn't get a second chance with organ transplants. 

It's hard to believe that Frank can keep topping all of the messed up things he's done before. I still want to puke that he slept with Karen, but this was the worst. He let a woman die. Plain and simple. Sure, she asked him to take her to her death bed, but still.

There are just some things that are a bit too disturbing. Fiona sleeping with a married man and stealing the contents of a purse were obviously morally wrong, but in the spectrum of this episode it wasn't that bad. Besides, we see Fiona remorseful for her actions. She at least tried to pay the purse woman back, until obscenities were tossed left and right. By the way, Lip, you are too smart to think the bag could've only gotten $200 on eBay. Step up your game, man.

Lip gets a pass this week since Karen is going to marry her weird random boyfriend. I feel bad for him, but it's also a blessing in disguise because Karen is off her rocker. 

Did anyone else just plain laugh during the sex scene with Fiona and Craig? Talk about the fantasy being way better than the reality! Taylor Kinney is one hot piece, but after seeing those faces he made in his minivan I'm not sure I will ever feel the same way about him. Fiona was blinded by rage when she made that decision and completely regretted, it as evidenced by a certain call she made right after.

Well, hello, Steve, it doesn't look like you're missing Fiona all that much. What a d-bag and what a fake green screen he was standing in front of. Fiona is just struggling to keep it all together and you know her heart is still broken. When I spoke to her before the premiere, she mentioned a major transgression in episode that for which Fiona would end up paying. 

I'm sure we'll see the fallout from her fling with Craig on next week's installment. So... what did you all think? Were you as horrified by Frank's actions as I was? Did you think Veronica was too hard on Kevin about buy the bar?


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suicide by sex with Frank was the worst thing I have ever seen on t.v. I believe it is called 'jumping the shark'. I too felt dirty after watching and I was a big fan.


does anybody know the name of the bar owner of the alibi? I think he is a comic but i can't remember his name and can't find it anywhere


This. Episode. Made. Me. I'll. I. Can not believe. That the. Writers let this. Fly. I. Actually. Felt. As. If. I. Was. A bad. Person. For. Watching. This. One. The. Message. This. Episode. Gave. Was. One. That. It. Was. Ok. To steal, Fuck another. Womans. Husband. , lie to. Someone. To. Get their. Money. And. Have. Them. Die. They. Didn't. Get. Their. Heart. Transplant. I will. Not. Watch this. Show. Again. I. Feel. Like I. Need. To. Go. To. Confession. Just. For. Watching. This. Show. , I. Know. I. Am. Not. Alone


Biddle: direct hit. Is it too much to ask for one single redeeming characteristic? There's no conflict, therefore no tension. Why watch?

Uss biddle dlg 34

Love Shameless on Pay cable Sunday night....... except for the Macy character, that I have loathed from Day 1. Too bad he didn't take the dirt nap on the episode !!!!


Thanks JT for your not-so-backhanded swipe at predictable Americans. So, you're saying British audiences don't grasp the basic fundamentals of storytelling? Just curious. For my part, I'm done with Shameless.


I think the clue is in the title as to what to expect from this series. The viewer is not supposed to like/admire all the characters in Shameless, that's not what it's about at all. These characters are deeply flawed people.
The US audience (predictably) just doesn't understand the concept behing Shameless.

Miranda wicker

1. The green screening behind Steve was terrible. Completely. But I don't fault him since Fiona's doing essentially the same thing. 2. TAYLOR KINNEY'S NAKED ASSETS. In the fantasy? Awesome. In the reality? Still awesome. And hilarious. That scene made me chuckle. 3. I almost--ALMOST--felt bad for Frank when he showed up to The Alibi Room after Dottie's death. Almost. It's like he'd had to face his own mortality and loneliness somehow.


Im not enjoying season2. Its all about the shock value and not much of a story.


@Vampfanstefan I TOTALLY agree. I mean, it's ok that they may still have feelings for one another, but Fiona has gotten it on now with 2 guys. Until they're together again (hopefully soon!) they have to go on with their lives.

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