Shameless Review: The Aftermath

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Just when you think Karen can't shock you anymore, she goes and drops that bomb! In "A Beautiful Mess," we found out why this character would be so quick to jump into a marriage with a guy she barely knows and barely seems to care about, the often naked Jody.

Then again, Shameless is known for its shock value. So did anyone predict that happening? Warning: If you haven't watched, don't read ANY further!

Frank and Fiona Scene

I should clarify, Karen is a ragingly promiscuous woman so I'm not surprised that she's knocked up. Although one might think that a lady who fornicates as often as she does would know a bit more about contraception. What surprised me was the fact that she was chilling in the bar like normal - and all of a sudden shows up, beats the crap out of Lip, and shouts, "stay away from my baby!"

The real question here is, who's the daddy? Perhaps Karen really hasn't slept with Jody yet, even though he wanders her house in a state of post-coital nudity. But how many other dudes do you think she's gotten with? I briefly stopped breathing when I remembered that she slept with Frank, then quickly exhaled realizing that it was over six months ago. Phew!

Like Fiona said in the previews, she does not need to be raising another kid. I think that Lip would step up to the plate, though. He loves Karen even though she treats him like complete dirt. Thanks to Ian for finally pointing that one out! 

I think the biggest lesson we got this week is that sex is not without repercussions. Whether it's banging the town skank or sleeping with other people's boyfriends, the ish is gonna hit the fan! Excellent choice by the casting department for bringing in True Blood's trashtastic Brit Morgan as Lucy Jo Heisner, Craig's infuriated wife.

Nothing says trashy mom like chasing a woman with a bat while your baby is strapped to your chest and then doing a drive-by slushie attack from your minivan. Fiona did deserve it, but by the end when she was breaking down in the bathroom I did feel bad for her. She misses Steve, this isn't who she is. She's doing this out of anger, hurt and confusion. Not that that's any excuse to sleep with a married man, I'm just saying that I believe her motives derived from internal stuff. 

Lucy Jo didn't have to drop the bat or anymore of those zingers on Fiona because Fiona's biggest punishment of all is the realization that she could possibly turn into Frank. That Gallagher blood runs thick! 

Poor Debs and her nightmare of a sleepover. Also poor Sheila for coming so far with her progress only to have a blazing car almost annihilate her in the street. 

What did you all think of this week's Shameless? I really enjoyed seeing the friendship blossom between Ethel and Malik. Plus, Frank must've not seen A Christmas Story because dude really almost took his eye out with that gun! 


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What i like most about this show is i haven't seen it.


if the uk version sucked that much why did the U.S copy it ??? i dont think its the same storylines as our version


Hi! In which season/episode is thiis stuff happening in the UK version? I would like to compare for myself.


The best part of this episode was Ian's talk with Lip. Everything he said was true and absolutely needed to be said. This girl has willingly had sexual relations with your brother and your father and would probably sleep with Carl if he was old enough. What i really found interesting is how the normally rational Debbie acts just as abnormal as the rest of her family when it comes to love. She's so hung up on Carl's crazy friend that she completely ignores that her nerdy friend likes her. Kind of like the Fiona, Steve and the cop situation.


I like this show but sometimes i can't even stomach some of the ridiculous senarios they put these people in I mean come on these people have a hard enough time making it through life without adding all of the other shit to the pile. Karen being pregnant is not a shocker in this instance the only shocker is that it's a pretty normal problem unlike all the other problems these people deal with on a daily basis. Frank sabotaging that woman's chances of getting a heart transplant literally made me sick I can't believe they would write something like that into a show I mean I know it's called Shameless but seriously??? That has to be the most repulsive act I've seen in this show! There are a lot of ridiculous senarios on this show which if fine that's what the show is about but I just think that one went way too far.


Watched the british sucked

Uss biddle dlg 34

now I pretty much FF the dvr through all of the annoying Frank scenes.....but addicted to Lip-Karen-Fiona and Deb characters.


It wasnt from a car, it was landing gear from a PLANE! That's enough to send anyone over the edge, let alone Sheila. I wonder if she'll ever leave the house again. It just sucks that Frank keeps getting "lucky breaks" when he's such an asshole.


doesnt shock as much as the english version, which by the way is hilrious

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Holy sh*t I'm you!

Fiona [to Frank]

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