Sons of Anarchy Scoop: Kurt Sutter Signs on Through Season Seven

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Thank you, FX and Kurt Sutter!

The network announced in October than it had renewed Sons of Anarchy for a fifth season, though it failed to mention that the show's creator was actually not signed on for it at the time.

But we can now confirm Sutter hasn't just reached a deal for this fall -  he's also a go for seasons six and seven!

In a slight jab for the way AMC and Matthew Weiner complicated their contract negotiations, to the point where season five of Mad Men was delayed by many months, Sutter Tweeted this week:

“closed my deal for 3 more years on SOA. no headlines, no pushed schedule, no stealing from paul. thank you FX and 20th for your generosity.”

Sutter also updated his blog earlier this month and gave fans their first teases for season five, which he deems will be a journey for new SAMCRO President Jax Teller.

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I am a big fan and can't wait till the season starts. but would like to know when that will be. I am keeping my timer on my Dvr. I like the way the ending makes you want to watch more and more.


if u dont like the drama watch the wiggles. keep it up kurt, australia loves soa.


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Why don't you get some notes together and go to a motel and or should I say it like this sheck your self into the Los Angeles County Main Jail and camp out there for about 6-10 month.Ohh ill get that Vamp in there on some RAIN ! ! ^TIME TO TALK ABOUT KRAMER!! THE VAMP!!! AND THE GAME LOL^ ! ! !


Hey Bonnie
Do you have two clues to rub together? The show is a drama.Oh yah we could watch people get blown up each week and knifed.The real strength of the show is the family dynamic and the human element of the club and that includes the "doc" big time.Go watch the discovery network if you dont like the DRAMA and learn to write something sensible!!


Good, love the show but stop getting so DRAMA - Hate that, this is why I like this show at the beginning is because it wasn't so much set-up like ALL the other shows, with so much Drama, we have enough in real life, try to keep it real & not so Drama, get rid of the Doctor.Tired of where the show is heading, I understand the Plot thickens & you have to make it somewhat "real-life" bt come on I think you're going to ruin the show & I will stop watching it, Really don't need all the sweetness & Goodness,"Gun trafficking & Drugs" aren't great ex.but the breaking the Law is what it is & it's attempting to show a little "badnes" of bikers but you don't have to "Over-do-it" but keep it interesting & the Plots good, but please try to steer away from All the Fickin Drama, really don't want to sit there & watch it, another reason I loved "The Shield" FX allows the expansion of a little more than "Bad-Boys" let's try to keep some of the Shocking entertainment for what it is!


Sons of Anarchy Quotes

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