Special Gossip Girl Promo: Blair Waldorf Edition!

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In celebration of Gossip Girl's highly-anticipated 100th episode Monday night, in which Blair's highly anticipated wedding to Prince Louis finally takes place (whether she goes through with the "I dos" is a different story entirely) the CW has put together a very special promo in honor of the queen herself.

There are a whole lot of Chair moments in this Blair-centric promo. Just saying.

It's a fun promo in any case, and brings back a lot of fond memories. Visit our Gossip Girl spoilers page for all the scoop on "G.G." and beyond, then get excited and nostalgic with the Blair-themed ad below:

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@Dr. Holland I love this scene too when they wake up and Blair is angry at Chuck, keeps slapping him and he just says in his typical Chuck Bass manner: "I love it when you talk dirty Blair." So great.
I also loved the "define like" scene, Chuck was so sweet confessing her that he had butterflies. And his speech at the wedding, he was inspired just by looking at Blair. Ah memories... I think I will go down with this ship.

Dr hollis

Ah, Seasons 1 & 2. *shedding a tear in memoriam* This was great! You know, I always thought it was HILARIOUS how much Chuck loves it when Blair got angry or annoyed. She'll kick him, pull his hair, smack his hand or arm away, smack HIM, or push him. And "I'm Chuck Bass" just smirks or makes some smarmy remark, when you know inside his butterflies are fluttering like mad. LOL! (My favorite has to be when she slapped his arm in late Season 1 when they first woke up after scheming against Georgina. That whole scene had me in stitches back when I was more a Derena fan than anything else.)


@bossysara I miss s1 and s2 GG too, the good old days! I love how most of the promo consists of Chair scenes. These two are just meant to be! And Ed and Leighton still have this wonderful chemistry on-screen!Hopefully they give them better storylines soon!


notice how most of the clips were from season 1 and 2??? boy i do miss the epic-ness that this show has now lost

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