Special Gossip Girl Promo: Chuck Bass Edition!

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Gossip Girl's week-long trip down memory lane continues with a new Chuck-themed promo! In the same fashion as the Blair promo we posted earlier, it features some of Charles' best scenes over the years.

Like Blair's, much of the montage is from the show's early seasons.

There is also a special, extended 100th episode promo of some of Gossip Girl's most memorable scandals, quotes, exchanges and events as the CW unleashes a marketing blitz ahead of Monday night's "G.G."

Watch and delight at Chuck Bass saying his own name a lot below!

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oh i forgot how much i love chuck!


i always love chuck bass
it doesnt matter which season because he's chuck bass


Again, thank you for reminding us how great all the characters were in s1 and s2, I mean Chuck has always had the best one-liners, but my favourite was from s2, when Dan was like: "I know you think of me as this guy... and Chuck is like: "I don't think of you..." BEST QUOTE EVER....but that was s1 and s2 Chuck

Dr hollis

This was so funny! Chuck is awesome!


He is just so hot. Love him!


In a weird way, I think this promo favored DS at one point, though at the end you could say there was a hint of NS.


awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!! ı lov' u Chuckk :DDDD


Bring back Chuck c. S1+2!!! Actually, bring all the characters back to c. S1 and S2!! I know that's impossible, but one can only dream!

Still love chuck

This is why I still love Chuck... IA that the writing was better in Seasons 1 & 2, but Chuck still gets the best lines.


Chuck is the best!! I agree, he used to be more witty, but I think he's still the wittiest on the show...

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