Stephen Amell Lands Leads Role on Arrow

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Major news today out of The CW, as the network has handed its most high profile upcoming role to...

... Stephen Amell!

Stephen Amell Pic

The actor - currently recurring as Violet's love interest in Private Practice, who may be familiar to CW fans for roles on The Vampire Diaries and 90210 - Amell will portray the title role on Arrow, the highly-anticipated upcoming pilot based on The Green Arrow comic books.

The character - made famous on the small screen by Smallville's Justin Hartley - is a vigilante superhero who staves off criminals with martial arts, a bow and an arrow. His alter ago is a billionaire playboy named Oliver Queen.

What do you think, DC Comic fans? Sound off with your take on Amell's casting!

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Justin Hartleys story on Smallville was concluded, finished! This is a whole new story and for a baby show it's always better when it's an unfamiliar character!
SA is currently on PP ba**ing Vi, and there he is playinga a decent nurse!


He seems more like a villian than a heroe in that pic. They would have to give him a serious make over. I don't think that Justin Hartley was even considered probably because they want to take this green arrow in a different direction to the green arrow of the smallville world. And people would just think but that's not what happened on smallville. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.


Did they even consider Justin Hartley?


He's hot but why didn't they get Justin Hartley? So it can be a Smallville spin-off and we can see more cute guys like Tom Welling. I'd watch it though. I always feel like new actors getting a character that was previously done by someone else is an insult to the first actor. For example, Tom Welling played Clark Kent in Smallville but he wasn't at all considered to do the next Superman movie and the role ended up with Henry Cavill. So how does Justin Hartley feel? He was so good as the Green Arrow.


Never watched Smallville that much but HOT DAMN I will watch Arrow for this sexy man!


Seems like a reason to watch.

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