Supernatural Round Table: "Time After Time After Time"

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Supernatural took viewers back to 1944 last Friday, paying tribute to The Untouchables and airing a generally fun episode.

What did our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna think of the time travel? What were their favorite scenes? Read the Q&A below and chime in with your take on these questions...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: The repeated references Dean made about the Untouchables, down to "I'm never watching that movie again." Still makes me laugh.

Kate: I found Dean and Sam's banter about anime hilarious. It is an underrated "art" form. Looking for more anime... or are you strictly into Dick now?

Sean: I loved all the Untouchables references as well. It was hilarious watching Dean try to fit in and everyone looking at him like he was crazy. The Chicago Way? Who talks like that?

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Did you enjoy having another time travel episode?
Carissa: Absolutely. Especially since it included contact with a real life historical figure in Eliot Ness, someone who Dean thought of highly. I loved every minute of it.

Kate: Yes! Especially because of the noir-coolness of the episode. It strangely reminded me of a Charmed episode where Paige got sucked into the same time period. I loved that Dean was so into his new look and era as well. The man cleans up nicely, no?

Sean: It was fun getting to see some classic Supernatural and put another spin on the time travel. Plus, it allowed Dean to get to have his own fun in trying to be another Untouchable. He cracks me up.

Who did you like seeing more: Nicholas Lea as Eliot Ness or Jason Dohring as the God of Time?
Carissa: Nicholas Lea (Kyrzcek!). Any X-Files reference is always welcome in my world. He's been gone too long and then he graced our screens twice in one weekend. Score!

Kate: As a Veronica Mars and Moonlight (don't stone me!!) fan girl, I'm absolutely going to have to go with Jason Dohring as a sexy Chronos.

Sean: I’m going to cheat and pick both. They did great jobs playing their respective characters, although I think Eliot Ness had more of a chance to be developed during the episode. Good choices, Supernatural.

Do you think the show is attempting to replace Bobby by bringing in Frank and Sheriff Mills?
Carissa: I don't think they are trying to replace him, but they guys have to have contacts to help them. The odds are the people they go to will have been in the hunting business longer than they have because it would seem like there would be few people their own age who have had as much experience.

Kate: No one can replace Bobby but I actually don't mind that the boys have surrogate hunter parents... especially while going through their mourning period. 

Sean: I don’t think anyone can replace Bobby, nor do I think the show is trying. Rather, characters like Frank and Sheriff Mills showing up mean that Sam and Dean aren’t as alone as they thought.

What do you think of Chronos’ ominous message to the brothers about the world covered in black ooze?
Carissa: Nothing. I'm so over the black ooze. Worst. Big. Bad. Ever.

Kate: I have to agree with Carissa on this one: was it really necessary to mention that? I mean, the Winchester boys are on it already so what's the point in trying to spook the audience with an empty threat? Weak sauce, Chronos.

Sean: Definitely going to agree with both of you. It really wasn’t anything new for us or Sam and Dean to learn. Maybe if the message was at the start of the season, but since we’re already half way through, something a little more descriptive would have packed a punch. Still hoping there’s going to be a big finish that knocks my socks off.


I feel like many people are missing the point when i comes to the Leviathans. I see them as a formidable, and not because they are obvious threats who leave stacks of bodies in their wake, but because of how well they blend in. How intelligent they are and because of the destruction (and plans of destruction as seen in episode 7x09) they are capable of. This is not an attack that the rest of the world will notice as with Lucifer; the attack will be quick and undetectable which makes the threat of it even greater.


I live the Chicago bad guy times. It was great and Dean looked awesome in the suit and hat!! Do it again.
Blessings and thank you.


it was a great episode! i loved it!


Any show that is clever enough to use Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek) as a humorous tough guy is brilliant. So many of the guest shots he gets are one dimensional and he is better than that. I loved the light touch they gave to time sensitive slang, Awesome LOL! Untouchables! a Sean Connery and a Kevin Costner mention and of course, Nancy Boy! The writers kept all that short and didn't overdo it. The potted lecture that Ness gives about knowing what matters and clarity was also a deft touch, again so many shows would have written that as a soap opera moment and SPN did not. Ezra could have a show of her own, how great was that character?


i agree with Cronos' threat at the end; I don't see the Leviathan as especially awful villains, and since nothing keeps the brothers dead anymore, what's to fear? I loved Ness 'n' Dean, Ezra was fun, too, with the hint of witchery about her, and the Jody-Sam pairing is something I wouldn't mind seeing in the future. I was hoping they'd get drunk and fool around a bit. There isn't that much of an age difference between them, and Sam needs someone besides Dean. He and Jody worked well together, why not throw in some romance for poor Sam? He deserves it! Love, Robin, Columnist, Family Business


I like the shows, etc. but i grt the feeling that the writers are giving us these side shows because they arent sure where to take the show......sure hope Im wrong!

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Supernatural Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

You gonna look at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now.


Sam: I can't believe I'm about to say this but, I hope your watching cartoon smut because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self punishment.
Dean: It's called anime. And it's an art form.