Supernatural Spoilers: How Will Castiel Return?

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Bobby and Castiel will both be heard from again on Supernatural.

In what form, though? That's the question.

Meg vs. Castiel

In a recent, revealing chat with with E! News, star Jared Padalecki teased the return of the sexiest sidekick on television, telling the site Misha Collins wont "come back as Castiel, per se."

"When he and the boys see each other, it's not like, 'Oh, Sam and Dean!' 'Oh, Castiel!' It's amnesia of sorts," Padalecki previews. "He's still got great powers and we seek him out because we have an inkling that something's going on. I think Castiel, like Bobby, they can't come back as the good ol' Castiel and the good ol' Bobby because the audience starts to not take seriously what's going on."

True. Viewers must believe the stakes on Supernatural are real... or what's the point?

Supernatural is off for a couple weeks and returns with a new episode on February 2.


supernatuaral is only mine mine cas wants s e x with me becuse hes hot sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sex sexy sexy what the fuck I know I adore castiel .


misha is back
excuse me while i die of happiness
rahhhhhhhhhh!!! i jus cant blieve it!!!
my hubby is still alive
oh, trenchcoat wearing, hippie in the future, twitterloving, clueless angel, porn watching, crazy off your head beliveing ure god, virgin cass! how i missed thee!
sorry got a lil shakespearian there
i cant wait for the born again identity! rah!!


Kesteen that Jo idea is the dumbest god Damn idea I've ever heard of


I loved Cas and he was a great character. Mischa Collins made a great performance for every episode he was in. I liked Bobby but I just would rather have Cas back more than him. I'm really excited to find out what the Leviathans are up to. I hope the writers bring back the half demon kid from Season 5, I think that would be interesting.


Thank goodness they are bringing Cas back!!! I love him! Now, I wish they would bring Jo back! That was Dean's real love interest! I believed in Jo and Dean more than I did Dean and Lisa. PLEASE BRING JO BACK! I love Dean and I think he needs some love...other than a crazy girl (Sara Canning) trying to get prego!


I love supernatural but I'm gettin a bit annoyed at the fact that one minute their bat crazy (Sam) or seriously depressing (Dean) and next thing you know their all better again! And toatally agree that Taking away Bobby and Cas has pretty much nearly ruined the whole show. I hope when they bring Cas back it will be bloody believeable!


I think that this whole season has been in Sams squash. It has been one big hallucination! It started in the Lab when he went off to get the jar of blood to open purgatory and was confronted by lucifer. From that point on its been a dream. The leviathins don't exist, Cass and Bobby are alive, ect...


I love the show. I miss Bobby and Cas, but I'm pretty sure we will see them again. Did anyone else notice that something/someone drank Dean's beer in one episode? He blamed Sam, but Sam didn't do it. I think its Bobby....I personally love it when its just the boys fighting demons and ghosts, etc. without the whole huge apocalypse story line. Just back to the basics.


Castiel or rather Misha Collins is coming back as is the Impala.The show had to change because it's telling the story of these 2 brothers. I don't understand why "fans" can't see that. I read on one sight where a guy said the Winchesters are supposed to be "dead" so they can drive the Impala because no one is looking for it. Wrong. Human law enforcement believes the brothers are dead. The Leviathans know they are alive and they are still tracking them. That's why they no longer use rock aliases and pay for everything in cash and drive nondescript cars.


Sure Sam's brain is messed up. Cas and Bobby are dead. The Winchesters aren't riding around in the Impala. And these are reasons to give up on the show why? The tragic losses and the heartbreak that follows is what makes this series real. If we all got our way and everyone we wanted back came back that would be to "smoopy" and it would be to easy a fix to every problem. Think about if you lost two of your major supports in life (a very real scenario) you'd be grasping at straws not knowing how to fill that void to. Add in that you're trying to take care of a gargantuan that popped outa hell wrong. Or that you ARE the gargantuan that popped outa hell wrong. Then you'll see Sam and Dean's plight and THEIR story should be what keeps you watching if you were really a true fan.

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