Survivor: One World - Meet the Cast!

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CBS will kick off a new season of Survivor on February 15, one it is dubbing "One World" due to a twist that has never been attempted on any of the previous 23 - yes, 23! - seasons:

Both tribes will be living on the same beach. The tribes will go by the names Salani and Manono and be divided into all female and all male, respectively.

Ready to meet the 18 contestants that will comprise the groups? They include a male model; the wife of former NFL star Daunte Culpepper; and a sushi chef and they range from ages 21-64. Get introduced to each in the following video:

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Normally I wouldn't post a cmmoent totally unrelated to your post (especially since I cmmoented on this one ages ago), but everyone has to come to my blog and check out the ultrasound video of my son. Now THAT's good reality television.


Does anyone have any links for watching it in Australia as it won't play here.


tati, It's taking place in Samoa (for the fourth time). They filmed it back-to-back with the previous season.


Matt, where is this one taking place? I want to let hubby know, and I can't play this vid at work.

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