Switched at Birth Review: Giving up the Ghost

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Who knew that the silly troublemaker friend could be the one to impart so much wisdom? In "Les Soeurs d'Estrées," Wilkie showed us that he's not just Switched at Birth's resident goofball!

Wilkie was right, it's not fun going after something you're never going to get. Although I think there might be hope for Daphne and Emmett down the road, at the present time it's not happening.

Angela on Switched at Birth

The scene when he took the last motorcycle ride with Bay was very sweet. The fact that seeing her face the night of the billboard was one of the top five moments of his life? Awww, that is achingly cute! 

How much do you all just love Emmett? I was so surprised and happy when he dropped the bomb that he was moving in with his father. The look on Melody's face was worth it. I understand she wants to protect her son, but she is just downright nasty to Bay. Bay has done nothing but try really hard with Melody.

For all of Bay's bratty tendencies, I think she really has grown. That's what makes me so irritated by Melody. Bay is not only her son's boyfriend, but her best friend's biological daughter! I think she forgets that fact. Kathryn also needs to start cutting Bay a little slack. 

Wow. I never thought I'd be on the raven hair wild child's side, but here I am sticking up for her. I do want to note, however, that this doesn't mean I'm against Daphne. I don't believe there needs to be "teams." The girls went through a difficult life experience and they're just trying to make their way through it.

At first, I thought Daphne should've gone on the last motorcycle ride with Emmett, but I'm glad she told Bay to go. They both need to move forward in their new lives and Daphne holding onto Emmett was holding her back. I'm doubly glad that she called Wilkie for a ride. As he not so subtlety stated, can they make out now?

Two people that should hold off on making out? Toby and Simone. Never get with your best friend's ex! Then again, how serious were there? I feel like Toby is smart enough to proceed with caution.

Now, if I had my choicem who I want to kiss in this episode? I'd go with Kathryn and John's hot young new lawyer. After stints on Mad Men and Gossip Girl I welcome him with open arms to the Switched at Birth family. I hope we get to see him "bring the noise" in the courtroom. It sounds like he's the right guy to go up against the hospital.

If this lawyer's as good as he says, perhaps he can dig up the real reason Angelo fell off the map for a few years. I was just not buying his story. But apparently he was buying Regina's! Then again, I do believe Regina was trying to protect her daughter. Could a reconciliation be on the horizon? I think so! 

Overall this episode was pretty good, but not amazing. Do you think Daphne made the right choice finally giving up the ghost of her love for Emmett? Is Emmett making the right decision to move in with his father?


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I'm much more into Daphne and Emmett. Emmett and Bay only have art in common, Daphne and Emmett have much more. Daphne and Emmett are the 2 most functional and mature characters in the show and I would much rather see them together. From what I've seen, sure, Daphne has been having a rough time, but she keeps acknowledging that she needs to let other people live their lives (something many adults can't even acknowledge). Bay is only nice when the world revolves around her. She pitched a fit about Daphne hanging out with anyone she had dated (and Daphne actually empathized with her and tried to fix it!), but then wouldn't give Daphne the same respect. In my book that's far less pouty than Bay, who thinks that everyone else needs to adjust their actions so she never feels left out or upset. Bay is still all about Bay. Sure, Bay’s growing in the relationship, but Emmett’s not. Even if Daphne and Emmett don’t get together, I can’t handle him and Bay much longer.


I really like Bay and Emmett together as well. I think they help each other grow big time. Suddenly there's more than just their little comfortable worlds, they open up to each other and teach each other things they would probably never have learned if it hadn't been for the other one. With Daphne, Emmett would probably be comfortable... but that would be it. Everything would be the same way it always was. Also, I think what helps Daphne grow is NOT being with Emmett. Bay and Emmett broaden each others horizons, and that's really nice to watch. I also like how little pretense there is between them... they have great chemistry. I hope there is no heartbreak drama ahead at the end of which Emmett ends up with Daphne. That would be a HUGE step backwards for everyone involved.


As for Melody, I felt a bit sorry for her at the end of this episode. Her treatment of Bay is childish but she was devastated when Emmett announced that he was leaving her too. After all, she said all that crap to Bay to keep Emmett from being taken from her but in the end, he left because of her over protectiveness. Losing a husband and a son all within a couple of months must be tough, although, if she had toned down her attitude towards Bay, Emmett might not have felt angry enough to leave.


I felt it was really unfair of Kathryn to blame Bay for what Daphne did. It was completely Daphne's idea and Bay shouldn't have to shoulder any of blame, even she's known as the rebel. What Daphne did was wrong and desperate. She should have listened to Bay, who knows her parents well enough to that Daphne's plan was a bad idea. Daphne never listens to Bay and its going to bite her in the ass, over and over again. But Daphne did grow quite a lot in this episode, letting go of Emmett was really good of her. Wilkie may be an idiot sometimes but his easy going attitude might help Daphne relax a bit.


I don't like Angelo, there were better ways he could have come back into their lives, like John and Kathryn pointed out. I'm not surprised to find out that he's hiding something, I called it two episodes ago. As for Regina, she needs to stop thinking with her lady-parts and start thinking about what's best for her and her daughters, which includes Bay. John, Kathyrn, and Toby have all be really accepting of Daphne but Regina's side has been extremely neglectful of Bay. Does Regina ever willing do anything with her? If it were up to her, the girls would never have known about the switch and at this point in their lives, its just not fair. Regina keeps throwing Angelo in Daphne's face when Daphne has clearly rejected the idea of him in her life. Regina should respect that, even if she doesn't agree with it.


I really like Angelo and am sad as well that he will most likely be the villain. Bay and Emmett are my faves as well. Id like to see daph give Wilkie a chance. Sorry for choppy post, posting on phones not easy. lol


I love Bay and Emmett. They fit together. I usually like the whole best friends ending up together thing, but Emmett has more in common with Bay and they just work together.I think Daphne's feelings for Emmett are mostly there becuase he's all she's known and she thinks she's supposed to be with him. Can I just say that 90% of the time I cannot tolerate most of the adults! Melody is just childish. Kathryn and John...oy. And Regina is just all over the place. So it shouldn't have been a surprise that I actually like Angelo and they'll most likely make him the villian, not that they haven't already been doing that.I'm starting to really like Wilkie too.


It's amazing to actually find other viewers of the show that agree with me about this show. I've always rooted for Bay and Emmett I really do think that they make sense more as a couple. I understand that both Emmett and Daphne are deaf but I don't think that builds a solid relationship as some people have argued. Just because I live in a world where I am exceptionally tall does not mean that I'm going to end up with someone who is also tall. Although there is still hope. : ) But I do think that Melody needs to realize that her son is growing up, that this girl that your so against being with your son is your best friends biological daughter and that Daphne needs to find someone that can connect with whether that is a guy to be with or a girl to be friends with. She just needs to find something. I can't wait to see how the rest of this season pans out because I really dig the show and think it's a breath of fresh air on ABC Family.


I love this show and love that I found this blog that expresses my feelings about the show exactly! And I agree with the two comments-- Team Bay with Emmett. I like Bay and how she is without artifice unlike Daphne who sometimes acts like a pouty child when it comes to not having Emmett all to herself like she used to & took totally for granted before he moved on to Bay who I think is a much more mature & interesting character.


I think Daphne and Emmett are to predictable so im rooting for Emmett and Bay. I like their connection better anyways.

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