The Aftermath: Gossip Girl Producers Speak on 100th Episode, Seek to Quell Riot

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Blair did indeed say "I do" to Prince Louis on last night's Gossip Girl.

That alone was surprising ... but then she ran out with Dan. Dan!

Why did the show take that route? Executive producer Stephanie Savage explains:

"Part of it was coming from Blair's character and really trying to follow and be consistent with her thought process and her emotions up to this point. And her willingness to stick with her plan and to take this to the end of the line."

"And as we started to think about the story that actually generates, if you kind sort of let your mind percolate into things that might happen in the future, it generates a lot more story this way."

The Runaway Bride?

To that, Co-EP Josh Schwartz teases, jokingly: "Plus, we really just wanted to piss off those Chair fans so they don't destroy my Twitter feeds on a weekly basis."

Savage is quick to point out that Chuck and Blair had "some great great moments in tonight's episode and there are many more to come ... they are not by any means done!"

Schwartz knows plenty of diehards won't be happy, however.

"They're going to come at us with pitchforks! I probably will just not go online. I mean, it's funny, on Friday we aired the final episode of Chuck [which Schwartz also created] and it was so nice and everyone was so lovely and now this will be... the opposite. They are coming for us."

Of course, it's just that kind of fan intensity that helped Gossip Girl hit 100 episodes in the first place. But will everyone keep tuning in to see what happens next?

"You're going to see how [what Blair did] impacts everyone," executive producer Joshua Safran, who wrote last night's "G.G.", says of the very next episode.

"Chuck and Serena together dealing with Dan and Blair together."

As for Louis, Safran says Blair will face "all sorts of consequences" from her new husband. "This is not taken lightly."

Re: Dan and Blair, he teases, "That story's going to go in an interesting direction."

As for the other huge reveal, if Gossip Girl really is the show's awesome villainess Georgina, does that mean Michelle Trachtenberg is now going to narrate the series?

"No. You'll definitely always hear Kristen Bell's voice as Gossip Girl because the idea was never that the voice was attached to a specific person and that one day, Kristen Bell would be on the show and you'd recognize that voice as Gossip Girl. So whenever we hear Gossip Girl, we hear Kristen."

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Georgina is really G.G., or an impostor.

Regarding the future of the season, and beyond, Schwartz explains that he wanted last night to "feel big ... something that would feel like it was pushing the buttons in terms of the core series mythology and core characters, but would also feel shocking and something that would really work as a springboard for the whole back-half of the season."

It also looks like another season is likely after this one, but no more.

"Our philosophy has always been that these kinds of show aren't meant to run forever... This season I think has been one of the best seasons of the show and there's a lot of creative vibrancy to the show and you want to go out on top creatively. So next year the actors' contracts are up and perhaps that is a natural time to end it."

Finally ... as for Blair's endgame?

Savage says: "I'll just say that to the credit of Blair the character and to Leighton the actress, she has so many layers and possibilities that you can really see how either of these guys would be a great fit for her."

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@Tate- How much hate you have for "obsessive shippers" Pot calling kettle black, no?


Everything that has happened this season has been so unnecessary. The writers decision to completely disregard the post baby truama that anyone in that situation would obviously feel is disgusting. If it was not going to be explored in depth, the story should have never been introduced. And the sham of a wedding. The only redeeming factor was that Louis,(as much as i dont like him) finally grew a pair and stood up for himself. I am a dedicated blair shipper- however she has turned into such a hollow shell of herself. She is rarely funny or witty anymore, simply annoying and whiny. And the pact with god is just so ridiculous its not even worth delving into. Does noone remember Blair was the wicked queen of the UES? not the actions of someone with high religious regard. Until she sorts her shit out, i would much prefer to see her with noone.


PART II Blair becomes weak and mentally deficient when she's with Chuck. Its not Chuck and Blair show for fuck sake. What she did in the latest episode was right, at last she's back in her own mental state now and Chuck must move on. It's been 4 years they kept toying, it's time for them to move on and see the real world. If Chuck won't die soon, I hope he can find someone out there who can handle his crazyness. Let Blair and everyone be happy. Too much toying with characters brings annoyance and too much obsess with ships (that leads you in twitter wars) brings your ship down. Because honey, the writers don't give a fuck about you. They'll do what they'll do. So shush!


@Chair can never be lovers only friends PART I I don't like any particular season but if I have to choose one, it could be closely to season one the pilot. It brings joy to see socialite teens living in a celebrity style that everyone in town dreams of having. Gossip girl is filled with scandalous activities, glamour, secrets, revelations and also outsiders tryna reaching in. The BS argumentative plots are very entertaining and so with their long road friendship. And the curiosity of who's gossip girl still lingers even until now. The whole midst of season 1 up to the midst of season 4 I've been shove by CB down my throat and its not entertaining at all. You say their love is epic? I say its horrible portrayal of love. It's more on lust and 'that lust' won't last long.


100th episode had the highest ratings this season which is 1.39 can u believe that?


A joke is a joke. In the words of Heath Ledger's Joker, "Why so serious???" It was a comment that the text had to point out, twice, that he wasn't actually insulting Chair fans. However the interview does point out, no matter what side of the coin you fall on, there's still a heated debate and viewership 100 episodes in. After reaching 100 episodes, it's almost guaranteed a next season; syndication will defray costs of the next season regardless of viewership. Once a show hits that 100 mark, it's almost unlikely a network would allow its cancellation, as another "new" season will help the previous seasons be shopped at other networks. Given that the show's ranking was at #196 during its first season, yet improved in rankings despite a drop in viewership over the years(ended season 4 with #139), means that CW still believes in its viability, and now that it's at its centennial, the show will still line CW exec's coffers.


I understand why so many people criticize this show all the time but then tune in every Monday...? If you have such a big problem with this show then stop watching it or continue watching it and shut up.


This is just a combination of lazy writing and appeasement. In one episode Blair professed love to Chuck, ran off with Dan, and married Louis. It's pretty absurd even for Gossip Girl. Blair was so different before. She was a girl who went after what she wanted; she was ruthless, ambitious, and a romantic. Now she's making all kinds of concessions every which way. It's hard to watch her character unravel.


This people are trying to sink their own show. Seriously, insulting the fans now? Even as a joke, it's insulting. And people, from what I see Schwartz made the joke, not Safran (they have the same name, so it's understandable some people got confused), but in any case I always new Schwartz was no better than Safran, that's why I'm not vouching for him to return to this show like some are doing, I mean this guy sanked The O.C. for crying out loud!


Tate : Obviously the writers are more affected by the comments and the twitter attacks then they make it seem. The obvious proof of that is the fact that Chair still has some disgusting I love you but can't be with you scenes every two episodes! Stop trying to please the fans do what you want and we'll get by without the Charios locos!

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