The Big Bang Theory Review: A Tiara Saves the Day

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After the disastrous last episode of 2011, The Big Bang Theory busted out the laughs with "The Shiny Trinket Maneuver." Fans have been clamoring for some Sheldon and Penny moments and they were finally answered here.

The addition of Amy and Bernadette to the show has been hit-or-miss this season, but they were used to perfection tonight. I wasn't sure how realistic the new boyfriend-girlfriend status between Sheldon and Amy would be, but despite their dating agreement, problems were sure to arise.

The Big Bang Theory Boys

On their monthly Thursday date, Sheldon showed little regard for Amy's announcement that her research was being published. This was a bit surprising since he's big on titles and achievements. It revealed how dismissive he is of her profession. That isn't going to bode well for their relationship.

But it led to one of the funniest moments ever on the sitcom and certainly the funniest Amy moment. Her excitement over getting a tiara was over-the-top, but absolutely precious. This is the Amy I hope we see more of, rather than the annoying one that shows up too often.

This scene worked so well because the build-up to it came from Sheldon going to Penny for help. While we didn't get to see the tiara purchase, Sheldon's response that it "may have been too much" said all that needed. Plus, he had the pocket watch!

While the Sheldon-centric story was my favorite of the night, the Howard-Bernadette relationship trials fit in well. Bernadette has grown as a character, from the cheerful and happy girlfriend to an opinionated companion. Prior to the engagement, Bernadette was the happiness in a scene, now she comes across as strong in her convictions.

When Bernadette faced down the kids at the magic show, I almost lost it. The stare down and threatening "no cake," was so unexpected that it made the moment. And the milk going down Howard's pants was chuckle-worthy, too. Poor Howard.

The resolution of their fight was not nearly as comedic as Amy's gift, though. Howard's always been sensitive to Bernadette making more money than him. Is this the end of the discussion or will it come back up? It's probably over for now. They overcame the pre-marital conflict when Bernadette compromised about having kids. And how about the condom coming out of her ear trick!

This is a example of how The Big Bang Theory can get the relationships right. The scenes and character groupings transitioned perfectly and each had their moments. By the way, did you know that there really is a Jenga Donkey Kong game? It's going on my wish list!

Amy's excitement about getting a tiara and being a princess was my top moment of the evening. What was yours? Not sure? Refresh your memory with our Big Bang Theory quotes section!


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One of the best comedy sketches ever


I rewound the Amy tiara scene three times because it was such a surprise and a joy.
I tried to imagine how Mayim could have done that bit differently - somehow she played it perfectly for her character. She was absolutely brilliant!
Amy's problem is that sometimes she is more of a boy than the boys.
With the tiara scene we see the little girl longing to be a princess that lives inside every woman no matter how intelligent or professional she is.
And we learned something about Sheldon as well - that the child in him resonates with the child in others.
Exceptional writing and acting.
"You look beautiful."
"Of course I do. I'm a princess and this is my tiara!"


@AmyGirl: Sheldon has known Amy for much longer than "a few months." Raj & Howard set them up at the end of Season 3. By the beginning of Season 4, it had already been 3 months. They've actually known each other for about a year and a half. It just seems like less because a lot of their interaction occurs off-screen. Besides, maybe his association with Penny has allowed Sheldon to more easily accept the presence of another female friend in his life. Sheldon has learned a LOT from Penny over the years. My personal opinion of Amy is neutral. Sometimes she's funny, and sometimes she's not. The tiara scene was hilarious! The worst thing about her is her creepy fascination with/attraction to Penny. That joke got old a long time ago.


Some people appreciate the change others don't. My friend likes what the girls bring on the show, while I am fundamentally negative and do NOT like their presence on TBBT. Sheldon a boyfriend? Are you KIDDING me? It took him so long to open up to Penny, yet he is dating some girl he knew for what, a few months? I get they made an agreement which makes it somewhat more "Sheldon" but it's still odd.


@Tamara I fundamentally disagree with you. Did Seinfeld change? Did Charlie from 2 1/2 Men change? Has Homer Simpson changed? NO. thats why they are the best most loved characters ever: because people know thier personallity. The know them as well as they know their real life friends. Sheldon has changed greatly from season 1 till now and that is why Amy is so controversial: because she is the cause of teh change. If the got rid of her then blogs would no longer be filled with debates about whether Amy is liked or hated. She has changed the show and in my opinion (and probably millions of other peoples) for the worse! Sheldon no longer cares about winning the Noble Prize, he never uses scientific theories as references in dialogue and he and his friends never do wackly, hilarious scientic things - like firing a laser from atop their building. It's all relationships now and we can find that same old, same old, on ANY OTHER SHOW! This show will never be the same until she is gone.

Sue ann

Hannah M -- she said she has a lot of experience with kids, from having handled them in her mother's illegal day care center. And she controlled them pretty well, staring them down and threatening them. It is not a nice way of dealing with kids, but she won those battles. It does sound to me as though she has come up with a perfectly good compromise, particularly from the point of view of any prospective children. I don't believe I would care to be raised by her. By Howard, well ... Better than her, anyway.


TraceyMush. You are so right. The tiara scene ranks right behind the scene with Spock's DNA. The two best scenes in a great show.


If Sheldon has a coin in his nose, how did Beverly scanned his brain without exploding his head and a scanner?


What are u talking about? Killing off Amy? noooo i love Amy and Sheldon. Even its a Comedy, Sheldon has to change a bit aswell. Its boring if he stays the same all the time (and he is still the same - like we saw at the beginning) - this is not a show where u can kill off the girls. It would be stupid if there would be new girls every season - its not a normal comedy show ;)
i love the couples and the changes That was one of the best ep. ever ;) i loved so much at the beginning. If we lie to kids about magic we have grown up people who believe in astrologie and homeopathy - haha
and the fact that sheldon has a coin in his nose.. and when Raj said something like: There is a seat on the hogward express for you - awesome!!!! More of that stuff ;)


I laughed my ass off watching this episode and it had unfortunately been a while. Hope they keep up the good work!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Sheldon: Oh, I see why you're confused. No, her news sounded important, but what your forgetting is it was an achievement in the field of biology. That's all about yucky, squishy things.
Penny: Honey, she's upset. You're her boyfriend. You have to at least try to be excited by the things she's excited by.
Sheldon: What if they simply don't excite me?
Penny: Well, just smile and think about koalas.

I'm telling you dude there's a seat on the Hogwart's Express with your name on it.