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i like the show last night amy with the tiara was so funny.i am so gld we saw amy just at the beganing and the end was good lets keep that up


Amy's performance was some of the best acting on the show thus far. Her response was pure Amy and now Perhaps she and Sheldon can move to the next level (out at 1st).


@Hannah M
Bernadette said that but that doesn't mean she loves kids, that part of the episode was my favorite off all.


I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory but I noticed a big mistake in this episode. In a past season of the show the episode 'The Einstein Approximation' Bernadette says she has experience dealing with small children as her mum ran an 'illegal daycare centre in her basement'. This episode was about her not being able to control and like children. Am I the only one that noticed this? :S Got to say I loved the Shamy moments in this episode though.


Sheldon and Leonard scene after Sheldon comes home from his date was funny.


Finally! I hadn't laugh that hard since a looong time with this show. The koala cae, the digital saloon, the hopping, Amy recognizing the koala face, the tiara!!! This one goes in my top five, maybe my top three.

I liked the b-story with Bernadette and her dislike of children. How she stared them down XD

This episode was freakin awesome, and I hope we'll get more of that in future episodes.

Avatar I wish I can tell 13 year-old Amy that it "does get better", too!


I loved Amy's reaction to the tiara but what I loved even more was the fact that it's obviously Sheldon who picked it and stuck to his choice even Penny tried to tell him it was too much.I guess he's boyfriend material after all,at least for Amy.
This Howard/Bernadette script is just inching us ever closer towards why Raj will eventually end up with her.Howard is too insecure to adapt to not being a breadwinner however Raj is rich enough that he and Bernadette could afford a full-time nanny and Raj comes from a culture where having servants take care of children isn't stigmatized.They can both work and have a family life.


I'm so in love with Sheldon =)
And I can't believe that I actually like Amy. In the beginning I was really annoyed by her, but now, I can't imagine this show without her!
And about Bernadette and Howard, I think there will be more talk about kids, but I must say, I understand her...


I agree: Amy's reaction to the tiara was priceless. In fact, it was the only part I really laughed at. The rest of the episode was mediocre. I thought Leonard and Penny were supposed to be reassessing their relationship this year. What happened to that?

I do hope Sheldon eventually gets a clue and realizes that he's better off with Amy than without her. Someday, he's going to get some coitus, and he's going to figure out what life's all about.

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