The Chuck Series Finale: Grade It!

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Morgan moved in with Alex. Casey left to save Gertrude. Ellie and Awesome took off for Chicago, Jeffster! for Germany and, of course, Chuck planted a memorable kiss on Sarah.

While we're still wiping our eyes from a moving Chuck finale, one that took us back to the pilot and gave us an idea of what's ahead for these characters, we have one simple question for our TV Fanatics:

Ready to Live Happily Ever After

What did you think? Grade the concluding episode now:

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A++++ definitely !!!!


look it's the same old writers ploy of 1 step forward and 2 steps back it's the same thing their going to do with Castle and other shows
1 step forward, talking about houses with picket fences and babies, a new life together, no spying. All tugging at the heartstrings and we all loved it.
2 steps back delete Sara's memory have her try to kill Chuck and Co, and reset to day 1. Final scene C/S on beach and she barely remembers her husband.
No writer imagination.


Only thing that kind of takes away from it is the fact that Sarah and Chuck's story this whole season seems kind of useless about quitting since Chuck got the intersect again to be the hero and Sarah got a reset which means even after Chuck told her their story will she be able to stop being a spy? My answer is yes but I am a sap for the love story between the two :).


Fantastic series finale. One of my favourite episodes of the series and I love that they went with an ending that let us decide how it ended even though they mostly closed the door on most of the stories but they didnt cop out and have Sarah magically remember everything and that is what made Chuck winning her over again the best feeling.

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