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On The Finder this week, Ira enlisted Walter's help to find the Cinderella who captured his heart when they met at a bar. Elsewhere, Leo and Willa ran into the man responsible for the death of his wife and daughter. When curiosity got the best of Willa, it caused a riff in her relationship with Leo that she was desperate to reconcile.

In both cases, fatal attractions almost cost both Ira and Willa, the former to his illusive Cinderella and Willa to her wandering mind.

One thing is for sure: "A Cinderella Story" certainly felt like a fairytale, which made it a little difficult to take the installment seriously.

Helping a Scientist

Even as the show enters its third week on the air, The Finder is struggling to find its stride. Consequently, this also means that The Finder is struggling to capture my attention with a riveting plot that engages me such that my brain is completely incapable of distraction. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is occurring.

Each week it feels like someone different is at the helm of the storytelling, and you can never quite be sure just what it is that's going to come out.

The last thing I expected was a serial killer femme fatale on this one. The way the previews made it sound, NASA seemed to be the central theme that I expected to play more of a role than it did.

In fact, it seemed counterfeit footwear became the star, given the connection to Cinderella. This plot was so ridiculous I would prefer not even to discuss it. The tazing was absurd and quite frankly dangerous in real life and need not be promoted in any way in prime time television. The rest was far too outlandish and totally creepy. Not only that, but it was accompanied by a cheesy dream about Walter placing a shoe on Isabel's foot.

That said, one moment I liked very much was seeing Isabel giddy in the shoe store. I can understand her excitement. We women love our shoes. We own more pairs of shoes than we probably have outfits. At least, this has been my experience, and it shows no signs of stopping. By extension, I was also sucked into the moment a little bit when Walter told Isabel that the "kind of pretty she was" had nothing to do with her shoes. Very sweet, Walter.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form promoting a hookup or eventual shipper name. I simply appreciated that Walter took a moment to compliment her.

Here's one piece of evidence to support that claim: She deserves someone who isn't crazy, and won't act that way in public. What was up with that tirade about how high heels somehow contribute to the objectification of women? Whether it's true or not is beyond the scope of this review, but how unnatural is it to bring something like that up so obnoxiously in the middle of a shoe store, counterfeit or not?!

The one thing that even remotely saved this episode from ranking a full on zero for this week was the storyline that centered around Willa and Leo encountering Michael Stein. We knew something terrible had happened to Leo's family. But is there anything less dramatic and more pitiful than attributing their deaths to E Coli poisoning?

I understand that it was Michael Stein's decision to allow the poisoned meat to be distributed for consumption, but I thought we had at least come up with some ways to manage and treat this kind of poisoning? I am not a scientist, so please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

The real problem here is that the writers not only chose to divulge this information early on in the series in the least dramatic or cleverly crafted way possible, but then they made Willa act like a jerk, made it about her somehow and then allowed her the chance to make it up, which she did by essentially beating Michael Stein to death. Something feels very wrong with this picture...

None of these elements boded well for the show this week in presentation or even execution, and the most troubling part is it feels like the real culprits are the writers. They need to think of something to save this sinking ship because it is sinking... quickly.


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This show may have potential but it really needs to work on the writing. The plots are a mess! Also, I found the treatment of the female serial killer a bit offensive. Male serial killers are displayed as scary and threatening. This villain was a joke, from the phony story of how dissapointed love drove her to kill, to how easily Walter disarmed her with a little sweet talk. I expect more form a Hart Hanson show.


I actually LOVE The Finder!!!! I think it is one of the best new shows to have come on. I love that it is light hearted while still pulling you into the storyline. I am actually confused how people just don't seem to get this show...


Stop looking for meaning in a light hearted comedy.
Just enjoy it at face value. If you do that, you might find yourself just having fun.


I love this show.I think Walter,Leo and Isabel are really great together. I am not a fan of Willa's character because she fits the ultimate stereotype of the sullen teenage girl and that's an old and tired storyline. I wouldn't change anything about the show other than softening of Willa's character. Walter's quirky character and Leo's larger than life persona keeps me waiting for each new episode.


If I wanted to watch a lead character who is basically a collection of ticks and quirks, I'd watched the better acted and written "Monk". Fox you can do better than this drivel. Axe it. Move on.


Spot on review. This show is basically an embarrassment. The actors limited abilities, esp Stults, aren't adding any layers to characters outside the shallow writing. Switches off


Ok peoples, you all need to STOP comparing The Finder to Bones. Yes, they are created by the same people and Sweets was in the last episode, but The Finder is NOT Bones.... SO STOP COMPLAINING.
I actually really like the humor and plot of The Finder, and it is now one of my favorite crime/drama/comedy shows. Can't wait to watch more next week.


LOL I love this show can't wait to watch it every Thursday.


If anyone wants the best tv show at the moment which gives a comedic view on the crime drama genre, look no further than The Finder's sister show "Bones" or ABC's Castle, which is probably the quirkiest show on TV at the moment except for NBC's comedy "Parks and Recreation". But I do agree with the reviewer. I'm a huge fan of Bones but The Finder just isn't cutting it for me. Apart from last week's episode with Sweets, I can't actually remember the plot, same for the season premiere.


I pretty much agree with the review, the show has potential but it's losing it quickly. The first episode was nice, last week's was saved by Sweets, but this one is heading downhill. You can especially see that Isabel and Willa have been added in an afterthought: Isabel is nice but you could almost write her off without too much changing in the main dynamics. Willa's subplots feel forced and for a supposedly very streetwise girl she is VERY immature. Still, Micheal Duncan is amazing and I think the show can grow if it makes a better use of its two female leades and involves them more in the stories.

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The Finder Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Walter: What happens if I trip and fall on it?
Leo: This is America, we sue.

The kind of beautiful you are has nothing to do with those shoes.

Walter [to Isabel]