The Finder Review: Nice Recovery!

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Tonight, the world got introduced to The Finder, Walter Sherman, and his colleagues (for a second time) on "An Orphan Walks Into a Bar."

Most will remember The Finder as a backdoor pilot that aired during the sixth season of Bones. While I wasn't too keen on the idea of this show moving forward to stand alone as its own, I'm proud to declare that I'm a convert with high confidence in its potential.

The Finder has come a long and compelling way from where it was in the spring of 2011.

Ask and The Finder Shall Retrieve

Take the team of Walter, Leo and Isabel for instance. A starkly different chemistry drives this unit time around, largely aided by the recast of the female lead, replacing Saffron Burrows with Mercedes Mahone. I’m loving her character as a sassy US Marshal driven to get her man (or woman).

The same goes for Maddie Hasson as Willa Monday. Willa is quirky and complicated and there is a lot to learn about her. There's definitely a potential for this series, much more so than I would have given it credit for a couple months ago.

With an excellent cast captured, the writing seems to have improved significantly as well. We've come a long way from the Walter who solved part of his case on the commode of a dead man. That was perhaps my largest gripe with the 2011 opener. Besides being wildly uncomfortable for the viewer it was completely unnecessary and awkward.

Little tweaks like these will likely pay off big time.

As for the content of this first episode, I enjoyed watching Walter "find" Cooper's father. The installment did a great job of introducing just what it means for Walter to be "The Finder," what kind of methods he entails and the intuition he employs. He's like Monk... minus the OCD with a compulsion to find things. Feels like a winning combination so far.

I was initially wary of the fact that all the unintended consequences of "finding" were blatantly pointed out to me (i.e. the possibility that Cooper's father was smuggling drugs illegally even though we eventually learned it was for people who really needed it), as it announced subtle points for a person who likes to discover them more organically such as myself. Even so, it made me more compelled to watch the show to see what could happen going forward.

Overall, The Finder made a strong showing for a midseason premiere that had some strikes counting against it from the get-go.

If you were waiting to read this review to decide whether or not to give it a watch, GO WATCH IT! You won't be sorry, and if you are, I'll give you a full refund for this column.

Are you hooked yet? Did the show exceed your expectations as it did mine? Give the premiere a grade:


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I thought The Finder is a good show that has lots of potential. The first episode was cute, with humor thrown in I loved it. It's a show I'd watch regularly if it continues to get better. Totally lovd when Walter was creating his hypothesis out of toys and told Willa that he'd used 3D computer graphics. Love Walter's sense of humor...


Disappointing.....was hoping to see Saffron Burrows, instead I ended up watching 2 1/2 men in a shack in the Keys. For their sake I hope the show improves.The pilot in Bones was far better.


Enjoyed the show. At least enough to watch a couple more eps. before I decide whether it's something I want to DVR every week. It seems tv viewers want immediate satisfaction, to have everything explained in one show. I don't think that's possible. Personally, I can't give total approval or disapproval after one episode. True story: I bought season one of NCIS about 4 years ago because I found a dirt cheap used version and I'd heard it was a good series. After watching the pilot I thought the show was horrible. I didn't watch the next ep. until 2 months later when I had nothing else to watch. Now it's one of my favorites.


I think the Show was great. Not everything has to be about Booth and Brennen. I'll be tuning into the Finder every Thursday.


3 *** If you like Pysch or The Mentalist this show is for you. As all three shows have the same core concept. Our guy (The Lead) can see or interpret things you (viewer) can't. I'm myself can't bring myself to enjoy such a show. However this does have potential for those that can. Except for the lead, the cast was great. Especially the young man (Cooper) as he should join the team as the new pilot. So I agree with the viewer Go Watch It ! Then write it off but not a second sooner.


Anything that giant black actor is in is worth watching. I just wish they had made the show more watchable and not put it up against Person of Interest. Plan to record it next time and just watch the big guy scenes and commercials. Would make for a better show.


great entertainment,characters worked well...haters go watch History if you are looking for factual info...entertainment is what i wanted and found!


I really liked the show. I wasn't bored and liked the characters. This is TV fiction, not a news report, so the fact that he got is "finder ability" from a head injury doesn't bother me. Superman could really fly? I want to see where the writers go with it and if the characters commit to each other as well as other shows. If the charaters work the show with work. They need to come across as really caring about each other.


The only good part of this show was John Foggerty strumming that guitar...


yes the drug lord was jaime murray

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Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.