The Good Wife Round Table: Mr. Boring Bitcoin

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With The Good Wife returning from a brief hiatus this Sunday, our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando is here to take a look back before taking a look forward.

Below, they tackle the episode that posed the question: Who is Mr. Bitcoin?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Probably the opening, where Jason Biggs first made an appearance as a seemingly funny, interesting client with a sharp zing of those agents on his tail. What about that door? What if I go through that one? After that, it all went downhill.

Carissa: The end. Honestly, this was one of the most boring episodes ever. I work in commodities and currencies and I didn't give a hoot. Jason Biggs could have been used in a much more exciting manner.

Christine: Definitely seeing Elsbeth set up Wendy Scott Carr to give her more information on the judges than she intended. Everyone underestimates Elsbeth until they're caught in her trap and it's such fun to watch.

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Did Kalinda make the right decision in handing over that folder?
Matt: It's clearly too early to judge, based on our lack of folder information, so I'll tackle the larger question: should she choose Alicia or Will, if it really comes down to that? Alicia. Because Will really is guilty of whatever is in that folder and because we all know Kalinda could find another job in an instant. Another friend like Alicia? Not so much.

Carissa: Because I don't know what was actually in the folder, I'm going to reserve judgement. She is not a sucker, and always has cards up her sleeve that I would never imagine. That folder has to contain some of those cards.

Christine: The bigger question is, what's in the folder? We've never known Kalinda to just roll over and surrender. There has to be more to this story than we're seeing.

So, Zach is dating Nisa: Do you care?
Matt: No.

Carissa: I kind of wanted him to date Eli's daughter, so I do care. Frankly, I don't understand the storyline. Why should ANYone should care who he dates or why? Unless it was someone close, like a daughter of a friend or coworker of one of his parents. A public school girl? Oh my. That's... boring.

Christine: I'm sorry, what? I fell asleep during the question. So, is the issue that Zach's dating a girl who is black or is it that she goes to public school? Or is it that I really don't care who Zach dates because I don't care about Zach?

Rate this episode's case of the week on a scale from 1-10.
Matt: Three. It was clear all along that Biggs' character was involved and Kalinda may be able to make many storylines interesting, but not even her flirty, intense presence could jazz up a case centered around coding and computer hackery. Repeated instances of coding and computer hackery, no less.

Carissa: Five. Only because there was a lot of Kalinda and with Kalinda comes score power.

Christine: Five. I like that they made us question Will's innocence and I enjoyed Elsbeth, but the case was boring. Having Kalinda run around talking to programmers about binary code? Wake me when it's over.


Love this show - best tv ever - have watched every episode ( several times )-
hate those kids - send them to boarding school in outer mongolia or something, with pete's mum as minder. For me Alicia is the reason for the whole thing, and her feelings for Will, but love all of the characters (except those brats) and story lines. Too many reviewers go looking for faults and need to get a life - not every show can be perfect every episode but overall it is BRILLIANT. Onwards to series 10.


Hang him he deserves it, plus Alicia will get disbarred with the help of the other underhanded partners Lockhart and Lee to save their asses.


This is probably unpopular opinion,but I would choose Will.Whatever it is in that folder,I don't really think it's something for what he deserves years of prison.And if forgery comes out, Alicia gets disbarred. Of course it's horrible, but it's not the end of her life.And prison for Will kind of is.


Man I kinda forgot about this episode.
1.Anything with Elsbeth or Kalinda. Elsbeth is hilarious, straight up scene stealer. My goal is be a cross between her and Harvey Specter when it comes to laywering. And then Kalinda is just awesome, plus I like her friendship with Will.
2.I have no idea. I have faith in Kalinda though.
3.No. Not really.I don't care about her kids.Plus Zach's grandmother being a racist, nosy old broad just isn't really funny anymore, or at all.If they have to show Zach, they should focus on using him to resolve the obvious problems L&G are having with somebody hacking into their computer systems and the infamous blue screens.
4.5 because Elsbeth makes me smile.


I was disappointed with the show. Of course with Kalista you never know what she's up to. Did she remove any incriminating evidence in an effort to save Will? I need an episode that is going to shake everyone awake. I expect more from this show and I feel the writers and directors let us down.

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