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You’ve gotta love the crazy cliffhangers on The Lying Game. How badly would you be freaking out after receiving a threatening package from your potentially dead twin? That was the question facing Emma at the start of "When We Dead Awaken."

Emma wants to run to the police, but Ethan and Thayer realize this seems an awful lot like one of Sutton’s Lying Games. The tell tale sign? The wrapping of the package: white paper, black ribbon.

Hugs All Around

I have to say that their plan to pull Sutton out of hiding by making her insanely jealous is a pretty good one. Besides, Emma deserves to visit a college, considering she would actually appreciate a scholarship!

I’m kind of more curious as to what’s going on with Justin. That scene at the golf course with Ted was so tense you could slice it with a knife. Why suddenly break up with Laurel? Why do we still not know the deal with the bracelet?

Obviously, Justin didn’t want to split with Laurel. The same way Derek didn’t want to break up with Char. That whole conversation between Derek and Emma was awkward and telling. Derek absolutely, positively, 100% had an involvement in the car crash at the end of Season One.

I'm guessing Char's move to her dad's place won't be permanent. Char's mother no doubt needed rehab, but Aunt “Rebecca” was pushing a bit hard for custody of Char. Honestly, there are some ulterior motives here. Then again, on The Lying Game, when can you take anything at face value?

Now that Thayer figured out that Annie Hobbs is out of the psych ward, the gang seems much more worried. I don't blame them. 

Of course, I saved the best for last. Sutton’s alive. Where do you all think she's been? 


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It was a good Episode. My favorite part was the end when they thought sutton was dead and and remembering the things they liked about her then she just walks in I was surprised cause I didn't think they where going to show her.


i loved the ending of this episode it saved the rest of this boring ep...i liked how the end was sort of like an impromptu funeral scene complete with sutton coming back!!!and anything laurel i love too..i felt so bad for her


I love how this series is different from the books. I suspected Derek might have been involved in the car accident. I thought this was kinda one of the filler episodes but it still linked with the Ted and Rebekah storyline. Overall its great and can't wait for more. Maybe Sutton faked her death or something.


Guys, Ted wasn't the driver. Remember - Ted is a DOCTOR. Justin mentioned that his mother wore the bracelet when she died in the hospital. Justin acted all nervous when he found out that Laurel told her dad it was his mother's. Ted took the bracelet from Laurel and pretended to "find it." It's obvious that Ted recognized the bracelet from somewhere. The secret is probably that Ted was the doctor who was overseeing Justin's mother when she passed away. Maybe all this time, Justin thought that Ted was to blame for his mother's death and he wants revenge.


Wow Ted the driver that killed Justin's parents. I never thought about that but that makes so much sense. I was trying to figure a way to connect Justin to the twins but this may be a totally separate shady act Ted and Alec covered up. That would turn this whole story arc into an Emily Thorne Revenge plot, get close to youR target's kid to give you access.
I figured Sutton was't dead but the look on Derek's face at school showed he thought she was dead. Let's say Derek was the person that grabbed Sutton at the end of last season. The only reason for him to do that would be on Alec's orders, something Dan may have been privy to which would explain the heavy drinking the whole episode. But what I don't get is how Sutton is supporting herself? She has to be getting help from somewhere, but who? And is Annie Hobbs out to hurt or help?


No when Justin thre the box it showed the autopsy papers that said it was a accidental fall at the home.
Not sure what Ted could have to do with that. Very interesting.




OMG! Sutton really is alive. I don't know if I should be happy about that or not. Great ending of the episode, nevertheless.
I'm pretty sure Ted had spmething to do with the death of Justin's mom. Poor Laurel, I felt really sorry for her.
Can't wait for the next episode. :)


Great episode. Yay, Sutton's alive! I had figured Derek had made Sutton crash. Great acting from Gonino and Chando. I also thought Ted, probably drunk/high, crashed into Justin's parents' car

Leigh r

@Jennifer- that is a great theory about Ted being the driver, I hadn't even thought of that!

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This feels like a "lying game."


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