The Mentalist Episode Promo: "My Bloody Valentine"

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Patrick Jane faced his biggest nightmare on The Mentalist this week, as Red John made his presence felt once again. Where will things go from here?

To next Thursday's "My Bloody Valentine," of course, which will center on the murder of a mob boss' son. How will Jane and the CBI solve the case when there's so little evidence?

Meanwhile, Van Pelt grows haunted by O'Laughlin's shooting, leading to an unexpected return hyped in the official CBS preview. Watch it now:

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Hope this helps rigsby/vanpelt relationship


There's some real potential in this episode to bring in other regular character (specifically Grace) into the Red John arc. Either way, even the "standard issue" crime in this next episode sounds like a legit case perfectly suited for Jane.

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Cho: They brought in hookers for entertainment.
Jane: Good, wholesome fun.

It's beautiful out here although they could use a little more signage.