The Secret Circle Episode Trailer: Who is Queen Witch?

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The Secret Circle returned last night with an episode that focused on two significant developments:

  1. Cassie's dark magic.
  2. Faye's jealousy over Cassie's dark magic.

Based on the following preview for next Thursday's "Fire/Ice," it looks like these topics will again be at the forefront, as Faye goes to extreme lengths to prove she's the queen witch in town:

Fans can also look forward to a school dance on the episode, one that places Cassie in an awkward position and one chaperoned by Ethan. Grey Damon will also play a key role as Lee, helping Faye conjure up a spell with devastating side effects.

As always, we encourage viewers to visit our Secret Circle forum and dish on what's to come.

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Nobody knows who Cassies half sibling is yet. I dont think its going to be Faye, that'd be too obvious. I think its going to end up being someone else.


Oh Faye, selfish as always. Doesn't even care about the consequences.


They both have dark magic , unfortunately for us faye's fans , faye would be the bad witch , and Cassie the heroine


ok so faye is being a bitch and the David Gallagher look alike is helping her... yawn... I really expected more from the winter premiere.


i start to b pretty sick of all cassie attention.


So Faye and Cassie are half sibs interesting....


This preview is hitting it hard! Faye is extrtacting herself from the group and not even Melissa is following her!!
Hope they forget this rouge walk from Faye so quickly and shount her out!

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Adam: Diana, she thinks I need to figure out my feelings for Cassie.
Adam H: Do you? Have feeling for Cassie?
Adam: Yes. I felt a connection between us the first moment we met.

Jake was a witch hunter. And even if he started to question that, he chose to leave with them in the end.