The Secret Circle Round Table: "Witness"

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The Secret Circle viewers bore "Witness" to an especially interesting episode of this CW drama last Thursday, as Cassie and Jake went back in time to discover the truth behind a certain infamous fire.

What surprised our Round Table panelists about all this duo discovered? What should we expect from Ethan going forward? Matt Richenthal, Carla Day, Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica tackle these issues and more in the following Q&A. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one, but not because I was surprised Cassie's father wasn't in his burial plot. Because a dog was placed there instead. Huh?!? Why? Why not just leave the casket empty? It was bizarrely hilarious.

Carla: As horrible as it was to watch, I have to go with the burning at the stake scene with Cassie's father. It was emotional, but highly revealing. Where is her father?!?

Eric: Less of a scene and more of the entire storyline taking us down memory lane. Especially when you consider my other choices were hanging with the adults or in the creepy druggy voodoo den.

Carissa: I was looking at Jake's face, and wondering if anyone but him could possibly have such a dramatically cartoonish chiseled featured... when his parents walked by. His father's face was even more cartoonish and sharp and I really enjoyed that moment.

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What was the most surprising revelation from our visit to the pier 16 years ago?
Matt: That Cassie's father betrayed Cassie's mother? Anyone else catch that, courtesy of Jake's parents' discussion? This could mean any number of things - the guy was seriously dark, after all - but it has me intrigued.

Carla: Unfortunately, nothing was really surprising. I stay away from spoilers, but some announcements are difficult to avoid. I guess that the boat fire wasn't caused by the circle's parents, but instead the witch hunters, was a surprise. It added some depth and intrigue to the story. And, of course, that Cassie's dad is alive, but ... that was spoiled for me with the casting announcement.

Eric: That, man, those parents looked young. Even by CW standards. I know I'm supposed to go with Cassie's father being alive, but come on, as Carissa said: that was ruined for me awhile ago. Or I could go with the witch hunters being responsible for the fire. Hmmm... See, when I have to make real decisions I go with mocking the casting. Much easier.

Carissa: That being a witch is sort of boring, all things considered. It seems that generation after generation they all tramp around with delusions of grandeur but nothing ever happens. I understand Faye wanting to have fun and get free things with her magic. Otherwise, what's the point? I don't know if it counts, but the boats made me crave oysters and crab legs.

Should Faye take the Devil's Spirit herbal enhancement?
Matt: No way. She should turn around and sell it! Let's be real here: the economy isn't improving that much and the job market remains scarce. Why not make a quick few bucks now and make a smart investment or two?

Carla: Absolutely not. That is just trouble, but that is Faye. She will take it and cause problems for the circle. I'm a bit disappointed in the direction of this storyline right now.

Eric: Absolutely. You gotta get that stuff out of your system before you head to college, or worse, real life. Nothing worse than a grown up Devil Spirit junkie. Which I assume ends up acting a lot like Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.

Carissa: Absolutely. All teenagers like Faye experiment with drugs. I've already determined their lives are fairly boring, bring out the fun stuff and get this party started!

Can we trust Ethan?
Matt: Yes... to make the elders more interesting! I want the crystal! No, I want the crystal! Devious plan this, mysterious scheme that. Stop talking in circle and take whatever action you intend to, old people.

Carla: Not yet. But I trust him more than Charles or Dawn at this point. I'm loving this sober Ethan. Plus, he is kinda hot all cleaned up and confident.

Eric: I'm with Carla here. It's all relative and so far, out of that generation, he's the least evil. Making him both trustworthy and my least favorite adult.  Now, on the opposite end of the trust, I am loving the manipulative Dawn.

Carissa: As much as we can trust any of them, which is not at all. It appears to be in the witches handbook, that feeds all their little family books, that backstabbing and self-preservation is the most important quality in a witch. Any selfless acts have been fleeting and therefore suspect. Trust no one.

Who did you miss more this week, Melissa or Jane?
Matt: Melissa. She takes her shirt off a lot on the show. (It's okay for me to say that, Jessica Parker Kennedy is 27 in real life.)

Carla: Who? I didn't miss either until I read this and realized they weren't in the episode. Jane hasn't been around in a while, so I didn't miss her at all. But who is taking care of Cassie? Now that I realize Melissa wasn't in the episode, I did miss her. I wish she was involved more consistently. She is becoming the regularly missing circle member.

Eric: Definitely Jane. Like Carla, I did actually forget the we didn't see Melissa this week, but I've been wondering where grams has been. There's only so many times you can explain the disappearance of your legal guardian and owner of the home you live in. Even on a CW show.

Carissa: Neither of them. Jane hasn't been seen for weeks, has she? If so, then she's been in the daze she has suffered since Dawn killed her father-in-law, and Melissa is a little whiny. Plus, she was on the Syfy movie of the week on Saturday, so it was almost as if she was on the show.

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- Can we trust Ethan?
After "Witness" he's definitely become a lot more suspicious in my book! However, I think because he has been drinking so much, he has regretted his decisions he made on that day 16 years ago. But with the crystal now in his possession and getting involved with Dawn and Charles, I really don't know what to expect from Ethan! He's become a whole lot more interesting than just being a town drunk now that he's sobered up. - Who did you miss more this week, Melissa or Jane?
Both! I missed Melissa, because Fire/Ice got me to like her a lot more when she and Diana were reconnecting. Jane, because she's an awesome grandma and she needs to get her brain fixed and stroll back into town all bad-A and ready to get down to business!! @Carly and Eric, While Cassie's grandma is still hanging out with the doctor trying to get her brain repaired, Cassie has been staying with Diana.


- What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Hmm, Can I just say the entire episode? Yes, it was that good! - What was the most surprising revelation from our visit to the pier 16 years ago?
The fact that the fire wasn't what we were lead to believe. All this time we thought, or at least I thought, the fire was started because the parents were messing around with magic that got out of control while on a boat in the middle of the water. However, as this episode proves, that wasn't the case. At all. - Should Faye take the Devil's Spirit herbal enhancement?
If this were real life, definitely not! However, since this is television, and with Faye being Faye, then yes! I want to see what this Devil's Spirit drug does to a witch.


They say that there parents are part of the circle, but they didn't say if it was only 1 or 2 circle's. On the book's they are much more then just 6 but the show is going on some "different" direction, I don't really like the show because seance the begging nothing has actually happen, the only OMG moment was Nick's death and the show is tooooo slow. They are supposed to have magic so they don't have a limit on the show, they can twist it and do whatever the hell they want, but nooo they just keep it a little to simple, Even Sabrina the teenage witch had much more fun. If you don't remember how to do a magical show whit a story line I can give you my CHARMED collection and you can get tips for the show as for the ¨grimoire's¨ you can put the book of shadows on the show that is actually much more fun and people well not mind. And FYI I think Cassie and Jake are half brothers and they both have evil magic.


To answer the two comments below: Jane mentioned in episode 7 that before the accident, Chance Harbor was filled with resident witches and families. Also, it was only said that a complete circle is 6, and since the binding ritual binds the family bloodlines that means a Circle can be made up of more than just 6 members. However, in the parent's case, they never bound their Circle. So, there were the six family members and then there were the other witches who hung around these six members like Dawn.


who on earth doesn't think ethan is shady as hell after this episode!? it was pretty clear that he was working WITH the witch hunters, seeing as how he was the only one they didn't kill, and he wasn't the least bit panicked on the boat! add that to the fact the he lied to his kid about being there, and that one of those dead girls was adam's mother (meaning that ethan let the witch hunters kill the mother of his own child!!!) and i think we have a new double agent. i was more surprised to learn that ethan and amelia DID date at one point.....i always thought that it was just unrequited, not scorned, love. ethan is pretty bad, though his motives were pretty clear. he loved amelia, she dumped him, took up with blackwell, who then betrayed her (probably by fathering another kid with another circle member), and ethan took his revenge out on everyone. bad, bad boy.


I'm also confused. How did all of the current circle members have TWO parents in the previous circle? Does the circle HAVE to be six people, or does it just have to have AT LEAST six people? SO confused....


Am I the only one who doesnt understand how the adult circle has 12 members when a circle could only have 6 members?!? where there 2 circles? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS!!! please and thank you

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