The Secret Circle Sneak Preview: Mind Games

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The Secret Circle is a promising show in need of direction. Never was that fact ore obvious that on this week's "Fire/Ice."

Will the drama find its footing on next Thursday's "Witness?" The episode will center on Jake's attempt to help Cassie discover what actually happened 16 years ago. Why was there a fire? Who was at fault? Why all the secrets?

Also on tap, Charles and Dawn will both try to recruit Ethan over to their side. Check out the official CW promo for the installment now:

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Looks promising. Though I'm losing interest in this show and fast. I'm really not interested in a Cassie Jake Adam love triangle to be honest. Adam and Cassie are supposedly 'destined' for each other, but they are so unconvincing together. Cassie herself is a really frustrating character - she goes from being this nice girl to this temperamental girl who's all 'dark' and evil. Not buying it.


the preview looks really good! But it seems we are just going to see the armstrongs(Marcus Rosner is listed as Richard Armstrong on imdb!)! And the reason why Jake hates the circle members!? but the ship looks really spooky!
Looking forward to!


Can't wait this episode looks so good

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