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The Vampire Diaries Clip: Breaking It to Bonnie

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Whether or not Jeremy is away from The Vampire Diaries for an extended period of time - following Elena's decision to compel him this week, which we debate in our latest Round Table - this much is certain:

He'll appear on next Thursday's new episode, "Our Town."

Elena will give Bonnie a chance to say goodbye to her ex, in fact, as depicted in the following sneak peek. Watch as the latter reacts to this unexpected news, which interrupts her talk of how the group will celebrate Caroline's 18th birthday:

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@Spindae Klaus wasn't going to make it easy for Damon. Klaus was capturing Jenna while Damon was a distracted by trying to save Caroline & Tyler. Remember Klaus said the good thing about werewolves is that they travel in packs. He had jules chained up on video. Klaus also told Stefan he liked the idea of sacrificing 3 women. He planned on doing it that way. Bottom line the death of Jenna wasn't Damons fault. It's was Elena and even Elena took the blame for it. At least Damon was trying to stop Klauses plan and take action.


@VampBarbie if Caroline and Tyler were decoy he wouldn't left his witch to protect them!? Caroline and Tyler were Katarina's back up so she could give them to Klaus to assure her safety! So he took them! For the Vampire he could turn anyone! ! ! But he turned Jenna to get back at Damon for messing with Caroline and Tyler! Jules was just a casultie!
@BoredNow: "Yes she is so independent that instead of GRIEVING for people she lost or BUILDING ANY SORT OF LIFE, she spent 3 seasons chasing after two brothers." Did U hear about over compensation!? She hang into Stefan cause she didn't want to lose an other person she loves!
"who shows no emotions for the deaths of others" Didn't she cried when Jenna died!? Wasn't she said when all that shit happened ? When U lose someone U love U mourn a time, but how could she when the day after that Damon goes on a rampage wanting to kill half the city!? ?


ANd while show might try to sell her as caring and awesome. She is not that and yet show whitewashes it. She is mary sue. Show thinks she is best caring thing ever, even though LOGICALLY she is not and should not be. Hence bizzare nonsensical morality of this show.


Everything else about her causing those deaths, Vampbarbie explained better than I would ever bother. Elena IS responsible for those deaths. Elena:
Found out she has an identical doppelganger who is evil and is potentially ruining her life.
Found out she is some magical existence existing for one purpose only.
Lost aunt and father.
Had her mother incinerate herself in front of her.
Lost her foster parents.
Got kidnapped multiple times.
Kissed her boyfriends brother. Thats just in S2, not accounting for stuff she did not react to in S1. Any Reaction? Any Development? Any Growth? NO.


I am sorry, but Elena and independent is the worst possible combination and also something that will never happen. Yes she is so independent that instead of GRIEVING for people she lost or BUILDING ANY SORT OF LIFE, she spent 3 seasons chasing after two brothers. It does not matter on if she is the one to be sacrificed. Realistically speaking and the way she was, she was 17 year old lunatic sociopath who shows no emotions for the deaths of others, has no respect for her own life and tried to get herself dead few days before the whole thing, haven't visited school even once except for dances, has no plans for future of her life. If she had a trackrecord of HAVING good plans or if she had presence and charm to be the leader, it would be oh well, but she did not. Neither of those things.


Sorry @Spindae but Klaus planned Caroline & Tyler as a decoy because he new Damon would try to sabotage his plans. Klaus said after thousand years of planning. I made sure to have a back up plan. I thought Damons plan to have willing Bonnie sacrifice herself to kill Klaus was the plan with the least collateral damage. Which is proving to be right so far because Klaus being a live has resulted in my people dying.


Klaus turned Jenna, cause Damon released Forwood! ! ! It's a little stupid he was planning this for so long and didn't had an Vamp and Werevolf left beside!? ? ? But they wanted just to hype the drama in the show so they killed of Jenna( a great actress, love her hope she gets a new role maybe lead just 24 y.o.!)
For jules! I loved hated her! Love the actress, her look her eyes pretty amazing! But the cooky attitude just isn't appropirate when Ur just 2-3 days strong in a month! Not only her of all wolfes! She should died the moment she got into the fight with Damon in The Bar!


@Spindee I'm sorry but Jenna died because horrible planning by Elena not going over who klaus might use as a vampire for the sacrifice! All the important people should of been in hiding. John died because he wanted to help Elena stay human and overall saving Damons ass from Elena hating him forever. Since he was the one who forced blood down her throat! Oh wait Damon is the reason John Died. Jules may of been a bitch. But her heart was in the right place wanting to take care of Tyler and all. She didn't want to be in MFs to begin with because she new it was dangerous. But she went to make sure Tyler was all right. I'm sorry but Elenas plan killed people that didn't deserve to die. It her plan also lead to Elijah having to betray them & ending up dead again.


But she is the DG! She has to live with the decisions! with the deaths, so she should decide her destiny! She followed their plan trying to safe everything, and Elijah blow it! Where was her mistake!?
I love the girl and how innocent and strong she is! She found the great ballance between being a girly girl and a Vamp! But that is something Candice did and not the writers! So she has this great progress because she doesn't appear in every ep and U see her evolution being appropriate and fast enough ! I just start liking her since she is a Vamp! As a human she was pretty boring girl with Mommy issues!


"Jenna, John's, Jules deaths were a DIRECT result of her plan. She could have sacrificed bonnie and saved them all, prevented Damon from getting were-bitten, steffie from having to make a deal and klaus from being fracking immortal."
Jenna died because of Damon, John died because of him being an ass, and Jules died because of damon and her being a stupid bitch which thought was smarter than all of them! ! How could she sacrifice Bonnie, her sister? Jenna appeared in their live a year ago, she self said she was stoned in college before her sister died! Why didn't Bonnie got ba**s and went to sacrifice her life! U can't blame Elena for all of that!
"She still remains a caring holy mary sue who cares for everyone."
That is the essence of her being! But she moved on she got to be this independent woman who tries to do the best of the situation!

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